Bumbling Secret Agent

Maxwell Smart




Does the funniest, hippiest, grooviest TV show have any bloopers?
A nitpick'n trainspotters list of Bloops, bleeps, blunders, goofs, gaffes and dummies...and loving it!
Another way to ENJOY one fab tv show! Yes some people must have a lot of time on their hands!

The NBC Seasons 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 1965 to 1969
General Bloopers:
Max is trapped somewhere, and has no escape, but does not use his shoe phone, e.g. Is This Trip Necessary, And Baby Makes Four (Part II), Valerie of the Dolls, etc. (Andrew Steinberg)
When Max gets out of the Sunbeam in the opening credits, the car door doesn't shut all the way? (Jodi)
1. Mr. Big 18th September 1965
The pilot episode: the holiest of all episodes. As Max reads the rubber banana, he reads, "So, St. Nov." He stretches it out more and reads" South, Street, Novelty," and gives it one last tug and reads, "Inc." When 99 drives him to the waterfront and to the store, the sign out front reads,"South Street Novelty COMPANY! A minor boo-boo. (Dan)
When Max, 99 and the Professor are in the row boat after Mr. Big's boat explodes, Max tries to call CONTROL. The oar is hanging out of the boat into the water. As he is talking on the phone, he pulls the oar out and puts it inside the boat. The next shot is from a different angle and the oar is back in the water. The next angle shows no oar.(Dan C)
2. Our Man in Toyland 9th October 1965
The doll's voice is a high pitched Barbara Feldon's (Mike F.)
3. KAOS in Control 30th October 1965
The amazing Larabee is in this early episode as a control agent with a mustache (PJB)
4. School Days 2nd October 1965
Max has three daggers thrown at him in his room.  The last one hits his suitcase and the camera shows the lid open with the dagger sticking out of it.  Max closes the lid and walks to the door where 99 appears.  She cries out and points at the dagger in the suitcase.  The camera shows the suitcase lid as being open instead of being closed.  (Dan C)
Max is making his way towards the spy school, collecting information being tossed or handed to him by various Control agents.  After he gets all the information, he heads up the walk towards the front door (of the wrong place).  As he goes up the walk, notice the briefcase . . . the latches are both open and you can see Don using his fingers to keep the case from opening.  However, when he gets to the door, they're closed. (Jodi)
5. Diplomat's Daughter 25th September 1965
I do believe that the Craw's assistant Bobo is shot, but yet in episode 25, "The Amazing Harry Hoo," Bobo is alive again! (Ray Plazek)
6. Now You See Him, Now You Don't 16th October 1965
When Max walks into the invisible wall after 99 lowers it, he bangs his head, but when he does, Max bends his knees, and his knees go forward, further than the invisible wall. When the net falls on Max, and he takes it off, his hair is messed up. But in several shots for the rest of the episode, his hair looks tidy, and then messed, and tidy (and so on).(Dale B)
7. Washington 4, Indians 3 23rd October 23 1965
Larabee appears Dressed as an Indian in Warpaint! (PJB)
Max is holding a rifle correctly on the Tawpawasee with his left hand on the trigger and the right hand up on the stock. The next camera view is behind Max and he's holding the rifle with his right hand at the trigger and the left hand is behind the rifle out of view. The camera view then goes back and Max is holding the rifle as he was before.(Dan C)
A technicality on something Max says as he is checking out his special weapons. Max finds that he has an electric snake in his special weapons kit for the assignment. Agent 43 asks Max a few questions, one of which is "where does it get its power?" Max answers him, "transistors." A transistor is a very small switch (often nearly microscopic). Transistors are either "on" or "off" but don't really power anything. Another goof comes when Max intends to tie up the Indian maiden he is betrothed to. He says "close your mouth and open your eyes --- and the Tawpawasee has a big surprisse!" Based directly on her actions that follow that, don't you think he meant to say "open your mouth and close your eyes?" (Ray Plazek)
8. Our Man in Leotards 20th November 1965
Max has shaken hands with everybody in the room. 99 shows him what he's done. We see a shot of everybody frozen. In that shot, the Ambassador is wearing the medal he gave to Max. After this shot, Max takes off that medal that he is wearing and places it on the Ambassador, who wasn't wearing the medal. (Dale B)
Max is sizing up the wire fence to try to jump it and you see the car parked at an angle in the background. When Max steps back to get a running start, the car is parked at a different angle at the same spot.(Dan C)
Watch the ending scene where Max is congratulated by the Ambassador, his aide and the Chief. Max is wearing the ring which immobilizes anyone he shakes hands with. Watch as the camera angle and subject changes each time as Max shakes their hands... the Chief and the ambassador's aide each change their hand positions and facial expressions...(Ray Plazek)
Someone tell me, I'm crazy, but in the episode, "Our Man in Leotards" at the very beginning, the guy who runs out and tells the Chief and Max the imbolio is gone......doesn't he look like Larabee? or rather, Robert Karvelas? (Gina)
 During the scene where Emilio Naharana is explaining the ball-point pen to the ambassador, Don Hernando is holding Max with his arm over Max's shoulder. Emilio steps back to get the sword and now Don Hernando's arm is under Max's arm.  He steps back to a place in front of 99.  As Emilio
steps forward with the sword, Hernando is now to the right of 99 and the dancer holding her.  The next shot shows Hernando standing in front of 99 again, and the next shot has him to the right again.  This along with the next scene where Max kisses the Ambassador and shakes everybody's hand paralyzing everyone and they continually change positions and angles, is one of the roughest editing jobs.  (Dan C)
9. The Day Smart Turned Chicken 6th November 1965
When the KAOS Agent jumps out of the window in the courtroom, the view outside the window shows the outside (buildings etc). After he jumps out, the outside setting shakes a bit. (Dale B)
10. Satan Place 13th November 1965
11. Too Many Chiefs 27th November 1965
In the very first scene, when they are in the hotel there are several control's and kaos' agents aiming their guns at each other and one of control's agents is Robert Karvelas, though he wasn´t larabee at that moment.(vero)
12. My Nephew the Spy 4th December 1965
Uncle Abner turns on the light as Max stands in front of the desk and the drawer shoots out hitting Max.  After that, Uncle Abner turns off the light and the desk drawer doesn't do anything.  Earlier, Max had turned off the light to have the drawer hit Victor.  Later, Max and Victor are wrestling in the net and Max had dropped the phone.  The receiver fell off the hook and stays off to the side.  When Uncle Abner comes down the stairs to Aunt Bertha after Max takes off after Victor, the phone is back on the hook. (Dan C)
13. Weekend Vampire 18th December 1965
First episode with Robert Karvelas in role of Larabee the Control Agent (uncredited though).
14. Aboard the Orient Express 11th December 1965
99 hands Max a notepad saying 'It's me Max!" Max's reply is something like "Max who!" Anyway it is not done with a question mark it is asked with an exclamation mark as I illustrated. (James K)
15. Double Agent 8th January 1966
16. Survival of the Fattest 25th December 1965
17. Kisses for KAOS 15th January 1966
At the episode's end, Max is using some paint he removed from Savage's gallery to repaint his apartment.  When we see Max, he
is wearing a white T-shirt and black pants.  Notice that the wall he was painting is white and he has white paint on his pants.  But, how
exactly did he get black paint on his T-shirt when he was only seen painting a white wall?   Another goof ...  same episode at the same point in time ...
Max closes the door to the apartment and the paint explodes ...  notice that Max closed the door completely but yet the smoke still billows out through
the CLOSED door ...  oophs! (Ray & Paul Plazek)
99 accepts a ride home with Rex Savage, but first they make a stop in the park (with Max following).  Poor Max gets arrested for having a rubber dummy in the car with him and the Chief has to bail him out.  99 joins them and says she has made a date for an "intimate supper" at 11:00 PM with Savage.  Max suggests they use his apartment and the Chief agrees, because it's more the type of apartment Melissa Westbrook would live in.  But wait . . . didn't Rex just take her home?  How is she going explain the different address? (Jo-Jo99)
When Max is first seen tied to the chair without his shirt, he's wearing a plain gold chain.  When 99 releases him, and he goes to put on his shirt, there is a medallion hanging on the chain (Leslie Carver)
At the beginning of the show Max is reading his report to 99.  When he finishes the building blows up and u can see 99's hat fly off her head.  When they cut back to the shot of 99 and Max standing there the hat is on her head again. (SugarBayBee)
18. The Dead Spy Scrawls 22nd January 1966
In Control headquarters, in the pool room, Max fires his shotgun cue stick at an angle away from the center of the room but interestingly enough, the plaster falls out of the center of the room! Same scene ...  watch immediately after Max tears the pool table cloth -- in one scene, the cloth is fixed as if nothing ever happened to it but a moment later, it appears torn again.   Another goof, same episode ...  after the Shark ends his game against the first opponent, there is only a cue ball left on the table, but a minute later, the Shark decides to open the "Brain"and suddenly, we find five or six balls on the table. (Ray & Paul Plazek)
Just prior to 99 inadvertently setting up the combination to the pool table, she sinks a couple shots for Max.  As the eight ball is rolling toward the pocket, she stops it with the remote control device.  But the remote supposedly only works on the cue ball . . . How'd she manage that? (Jodi)
19. Back to the Old Drawing Board 29th January 1966
The character of Dr. Ratton, who first created Hymie the Robot for Kaos, is shot during one of the scenes.   Since he doesn't get up after that, we must assume him to be dead.  But ...  in episode 68 ("When Good Fellows Get Together"), Dr. Ratton is now "alive" again!   Same character, same actor!  In the words of Harry Hoo ... "amazing!" (Ray Plazek)
20. All in the Mind 5th February 1966
22. Dear Diary 12th February 1966
When the person behind the door shoots the handyman Max and 99 found behind the curtain you notice the gun has a silencer on it, but yet the sound effect is that of a normal unsilenced gun. (Val Vechinski)
21. Smart, the Assassin 19th February 1966
23. I'm Only Human 26th February 1966
When Max and 99 are chained to the wall, they say the Chief's life is more important then their own. At the time, Max has both his gloves on. But in the next shot of Max and 99, his left glove is off. (Dale B)
At the very end of the episode, the Chief, Max and 99 notice that Fang has picked up Max's rubber duck gun and has it in his mouth. The Chief says this "that's not Fang's gun, it's yours Max... I found it in YOUR office..." The Chief picked in up in his own office earlier in the episode. (Ray P)
 The Chief really found the duck gun in Max's office. If you compare both rooms they are different.  The wood walls in the Chief's office are lighter in color than the walls in Max's office.  If you compare the nick-nacks on the bookshelves, those are different too.  Also the coat rack is another hint, there's always a tall plant in that corner of the Chief's office. Another thing when they cut to Carlton the scientist guy you notice there are other differences.  There is no counter top in the corner like the Chief's office, there's a regular painting in Max's office while there would be a huge hideous brown sculpture thing in the Chief's, there's only a small plaque thing in Max's where there would be the Chief's wall safe and that eagle sculpture above that.  So the room where they find the rubber duck gun is definitely not the Chief's office, but Max's. (Val Vechinski)
24. Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain 5th March 1966
At the customs counter at the Washington Airport, Max gets his tie caught in the Kaos agent's suitcase. Refusing to cut off his tie, he attempts to let the agent walk away without noticing Max and his tie still attached. When the agent notices Max, he draws his gun and says, "Don't move or Smart gets it!" Since Max's identity had not been revealed to the Kaos agent nor did the Kaos agent immediately recognize 86 at the counter, how did the Kaos agent know his name was "Smart?" (Ray P)
There is one point in the airport when we hear a voice over the loudspeakers saying something like "Last call for flight xxx". I'm 99% sure its Barbara Feldon's Voice. (Mike F) It is (PJB)
25. The Amazing Harry Hoo 12th March 1966
When Max and 99 are in the laundry looking at the shirts, the light comes on. But who turned on the light? There isn't a switch anywhere. Plus, Bobo had his hands in his pockets, the Craw has one hand, right next to his Craw. Somehow, the light came on by itself. (WHICH PRESENTS TWO POSSIBILITIES!) 1- SOMEONE BACKSTAGE CLICKED ON A LIGHT 2- SOMEONE HOLDING A BIG BRIGHT TORCH (Dale B)
Moment please�.. OR�.It was the porcelain cat (PJB)
Craw's assistant Bobo is shot in episode 5 Diplomat's Daughter but now is alive again (Ray Plazek)
26. Hubert's Unfinished Symphony 19th March 1966
When Max goes to rescue the piano player, and knocks him out, the piano comes back up and says, "Thank you Mr Smart." But Max did not reveal to him that Maxwell Smart was his real identity. (Dale)
When Max and the Chief are standing near the piano on stage, the Chief asks Max for his shoephone so he can contact Professor Parker.  Notice that Max removed his shoe so the Chief could make his call.  But, watch in the brief scene that follows where we see Max walking back in from the outside.  Max is now wearing BOTH shoes, despite the fact that the Chief still has one of his shoes!   Oophs! (Ray Plazek)
27 & 28. Ship of Spies, Parts I and II 2nd & 9th April 1966
In PT 1, Max finally charges through the door being held open by 99 and continues onto the next cabin where the door was now open. We hear glass smash assuming Max has gone through a porthole. When 99 enters we find indeed he had. It becomes evident as 99 helps Max out of the porthole there was no glass smashed as the porthole cover with the glass was opened and intact, swinging to the right hinge. (James K)
When Max falls over board. 99 desperately tries to help him, but fails with the rope idea because she shot the doorknob off with the rope tied on it. Then, (after the commercials) Max meraculously (spelling?) got out of the water and it was daytime. How'd Max get out of the water? He didn't even pass his swim test at spy school. (Amber S.)
In Part 1 when Max is on the deck looking up at Captain Grouman on the bridge,he is shot at from his right side;as we subsequently find out Grouman is the killer,so how can he be both on the bridge and on deck? Could just be that everyone is trying to kill Max (like Hector Fernandez) for some undisclosed reason. (Nick F).
29. Shipment to Beirut 23rd April 1966
During the teaser segment, Max purchases two fashionable ladies dresses because the models unintentionally make him believe that they contain the secret plans. The first dress is pink and Max is told the price is $886. He promptly buys the dress and takes it back to Control to have it ripped apart. Of course, Max paid $886 for the wrong dress! After that, Max asks the Chief for permission to go back to the saloon and try again. The second time, Max buys a bright red dress that the model mentions as being $1400. Naturally, the second dress also does not contain the secret plans. If we total the cost of the two dresses, we arrive at $2286. Right? Well, if you listen closely to the frustrated Chief when Max returns the second time, we heard that Max has now wasted "twenty-two hundred and sixty dollars." The total the Chief says is not the total of the money Max paid.... $2286 to $2260... 'missed it by that much!'(Ray Plazek)
30. The Last One in is a Rotten Spy 7th May 1966
At the beginning when Max is talking to the Russian Lady on the phone, he puts a white object on the phone to record it. When he realizes the recorder isn't working, he still leaves the white object on. But in the next shot of Max, the white object is off. (Dale B)
Notice the suit that Max is wearing when he finally ends up in the swimming pool... it is brown and he's wearing a yellow shirt. Well, Max naturally would've basically ruined a good suit doing that. Well, the next scene, we see Max on a different suit and shirt. BUT, when the scene returns later to the inside of the hotel/dorm room where Max and the Chief are staying, Max once again has on the SAME SUIT that he landed in the swimming pool in! Oophs (Ray Plazek)
 Greco takes his crossbow to jump in the pool after Max.  Just as he's doing it, he calls him "Smart" without ever being told his name other than he is the USA's swim team trainer.  (Dan C)
31. A Spy for a Spy 1st October 1, 1966
32. The Only Way to Die 8th October 1966
After Max is "killed" and we first see him in his hideout, he has a band-aid on his forehead which is there for the entire episode.  Except for the scene when he calls Control HQ on his shoe and tries to explain the El Amador/The Lover connection. (Leslie)
33. Strike While the Agent is Hot 24th September 1966
After a struggle between Max and a KAOS agent the gun goes off the KAOS agent slumps to the floor:
KAOS Agent: Where did you get me?
Max: Left chest.
KAOS Agent: Good.
Max: Good?
KAOS Agent: As a KAOS agent I get double indemnity for getting shot above
the waist.
Max: Double indemnity for getting shot only once?
Either Max heard the line wrong or misread the script. Just thought someone might be interested. (Stephen Kinchington)
34. Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine 15th October 1966
Max and 99 are in the Chief's office and the Chief shows them a picture on the TV screen of Jimmy Ballantine. The screen is empty except for his picture. The camera closes in on the TV for a close-up and Jimmy has his prisoner number on a placard in front of him: "869913". The next camera shot is a view of the whole office and you can still see the picture of Jimmy Ballantine, except the number is missing. (Dan C)
Mr. Karvelas is seen (well part of him is) hopping out of a Kaos armored truck right near the beginning of the episode. Hmmm... this is twice that Larabee was found messing around in Kaos.... (Amanda H.)
Max and 99 lay down in the front seat of the car right before bullets are shot through their windshield. When they sit up again, a shadow suddenly appears on the wall behind the car, revealing a time lapse.
The Chief says that Goldwater lost the presidential election by 17 million votes. Actually, he lost by 15.9 million votes. (Andrew Steinberg)
35. Anatomy of a Lover 17th Sept 1966
Why in the world are Max and Hymie in an upstairs office at Control (according to Hymie it was 13 feet & 10 inches) when Control is supposed to be underground? Looking out the window of that office, one can even see the Capitol building -or a reasonable studio faxicimilie. Just splitting hairs (Amanda H)
36. Kiss of Death 31st December 1966
At the end, 99 is jealous of Max and she is playing back Max's "Teensy-weensy tape recorder".  Wehear Max say, "Hello there.  What's your name?", and then we hear a female voice say, "My name is Yvanna, and I'm a ballerina."  Listen closely.  That voice belongs to...would you believe...99!!! (Aaron R. Taylor)
37. Casablanca 22nd October 1966
38. The Greatest Spy on Earth 19th  November 1966
39. Hoo Done It 5th  November 1966
40. Rub-a-Dub-Dub...Three Spies in a Sub 12th November 1966
When asked of their position, Siegfried is told the sub is on the bottom of the sea. Shortly thereafter, the Navy drops depth charges near them and the shot shows the depth charges exploding near the sub which is nowhere near the bottom. (Dan C)
At the intro when Max & 99 land on the "island", the medium shots of each of them show the oar & rifle lying on the edge of the raft, but in the long shot, they are not there. Its happens all through the scene. (Mke F)
41. The Decoy 29th October 1966
In the scene right after the opening sequence plays, Max comes in late to a meeting in the Chief's office. Attending the meeting are three Control agents, Max and the Chief. Listen closely as the Chief asks each of the agents if they are married and have children. He asks this line of the first agent... "Agent 58, are you married?" The agent answers in the affirmative. The Chief asks, "Do you have any children?" The agent answers "four." Then, the Chief turns slightly and looks at the next agent. BUT... the Chief goofs and calls that second agent, "Agent 58". (Ray P)
Since Max has reveled nothing to them under their horrendous torture, Dr. Seidlitz gives him the syringe of truth serum.  But, in the next very scene, the doctor can be seen holding the still full syringe. And, in the final scene, while Max is giving his rousing speech about loyalty and country, watch Barbara.  She is trying very hard not to laugh . . . (Jodi)
42. Bronzefinger 3rd December 1966
At the beginning, Max is showing 99 a picture of Agent 54. When there is a knock on the door, Max tries to put the painting back in the envelope thing. But he can't get it in properly. He eventually puts it down, and answers the door. But the next time we see it, the painting is in properly. (Dale B)
In the opening scene, the Control agent (56, I believe) arrives at Max's door early for the surprise party. He is painted entirely in a silver-blue paint. Because of this, he falls to the floor -- dead. Watch as the agent lands on the floor ... his face is looking towards his left side. Yet when, a moment later, 99 comes back into the room his face is looking to his RIGHT side instead! Interesting isn't it... he's dead and yet is able to move? (Ray and Paul Plazek)
Whenever Max slung the paint on the Chief (he thought it was the gun), and the paint was on his face, he went to wipe it off, and it was on the wall behind him too.  Then, all of a sudden, without wiping his face, the paint was gone from his face and the wall behind him just like it was never there.  (Angela)
43. The Whole Tooth and... 24th December 1966
44. Island of the Darned 26th November 1966
Max and 99 are walking in circles and are lost. They stop by a tree and 99 points to Max the mark on the tree that he made. Max is holding a rifle. Hans Hunter bursts in the scene and Max is now holding a pistol.(Dan)
When 99 points out Max's X on the tree, she says, "Oh, Max, we're hopelessly lost," and drops her rifle to the ground.  Hans Hunter steps out of the trees and tells his goons to take their weapons.  When the shot goes back to Max and 99, the rifle is on her shoulder again. (Jodi)
When Max, the chief and Dr. Carlson are in the lab. Dr. Carlson is talking about the Bazooka Butts(I still laugh at that one)and the chief tells Max to brief 99 about how the smokes work and that some are real cigs.After he says this the chief walks away to the background but if you watch, Ed Platt moves back behind Don towards a chair but realizes that's not his mark and he backs up out of the scene. I thought it was cute to see. (tvnutt86)

45. Perils in a Pet Shop 10th December 1966
As they are questioning the parrot, the cage is at an angle from the edge of the desk, the base of the lamp is half on half off the desk blotter and its on a piece of paper.
After Quigly enters, the lamp is completely on the blotter, the piece of paper is missing and the cage is against to the edge of the desk.
Right before 99 is about to kiss Kosavitch, her left hand is up next to his neck, then suddenly, her arm is down by his right hand just before she knocks the gun away from him.
Just before Kosavitch & Max start fighting, the cabinet on the wall is open...then seconds later it is closed. Later when the chief & others rescue them, it is open again.
Right after the chief & larabee come down the chute, 99 is helping up the chief ( stunt double ) with both hands, then they cut to the
real chief getting up she is helping him up with only one hand. Also bad continuity between the stunt double getting up & Ed Platt getting up.  (Mike F.)
46. It Takes One to Know One 7th January 1967
During the scene at the end of the show, in Max's apartment, a confrontation between Hymie, Octavia, Max and the Chief escalates.  Max goofs a line big-time ...  "Hymie, I'm your friend, so I'll give it to you straight ... Octavia doesn't care about you.  She's just using you to get information for CONTROL."   Oophs!   I'm positive Max intended to say "to get information for KAOS!" (Ray Plazek)
47. Someone Down Here Hates Me 14th January 1967
48. Cutback at CONTROL 21st January 1967
In the Kaos school scene, when Max and Hans make a test, Max falls back to the desk, but when he stands up, you can see one foot that does not move, Is this Don's foot?, or Double Don's foot? (Sergio A. Tiraferri)
49. The Mummy 28th January 1967
50. The Girls From KAOS 4th February 1967
51. The Man From Yenta 11th February 1967
In Act I, when max & the chief are discussing which wife is the kaos agent, max has a cigarette ash(?) on the right lapel of his jacket. Its gone later in the scene. ( Mike F. )
When Max enters his apt dressed as the sheik, 498 asks him: "How do we know you're maxwell smart?" As max says "Don't confuse me", you can see a moving shadow of the boom mike against the door. ( Mike F.)
52. Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho 18th February 1967
Now this may be a stupid editing error, but I could have sworn it was a REAL blooper. In the teaser, 99 meets Max reading a newspaper. They talk about the assignment and then all of a sudden 99 goes, "I don't know Max." Max didn't even ask a question!!!  weird huh? (Amber S.)
53. Where-What-How-Who Am I? 25th February 1967
When Max and 99 are stuck in the alley, and they climb out of the car, 99 is wearing her trademark white shoes (with the white tights). But when they go around to the front, and enter the hotel, I think she's wearing black shoes! (Yikes! Hope it wasn't in summer!) (Lisa)
During the scene inside the garage at Control headquarters, the Chief is showing Max the modifications to his red Karman Gia  (not sure the proper spelling of that car's name).   Watch when the Chief places the burlap bag onto the front passenger seat.   He does this to demonstrate the usage of the
"ejection seat" to Max.   When the seat releases upwards, the seat and the burlap bag go flying up through the air.  BUT... a moment later, we see the seat itself fall to the ground behind the car.   The burlap bag NEVER comes back down!
During the chase scene following the snack truck explosion, watch right after Max orders the guards to close the gates ("code 10").   The Kaos agents
in the Jeep get stopped attempting to exit through the gate.   Max foolishly drives out the entrance gate on the opposite side of the guard post.
Naturally, the guard closes the gate immediately after Max drives out.  Watch the gate behind the guard who stops Max and asks for identification.   The gate is standing OPEN though in the previous scene, it was closed.   The next change of camera angle, you'll notice the gate is being opened by the guard.
During the same chase scene, Max is driving his car around the complex.  Most of the shots are from behind the car, looking at Max and 99's backs.
Watch closely ...  Max never shifts the car out of first gear the entire chase!    They sure were traveling rather quickly in first gear. (Ray Plazek)
When Max and 99 are in the alley, they get the suitcase out of the trunk.  99 gets ahead of Max as they climb over the car and warns him that Kaos is out front.  Max puts the suitcase down near the front of the car, but they never pick it up again, they just drive away, leaving it sitting in the alley for anyone to pick up. (Jodi)
After Max gets up from his failed attempt with the ejection seat, he gets into the car and sits down.  On what?  The seat is laying in the alley behind them.  Maybe the ejection seat fits on top the real seat (?). (Jodi)
Look closely at the end of the episode . . . when Max and The Chief get into the Sunbeam, the car has no windshield. (Jodi)
How did the ejector seat get back into the car so that Max could eject the Chief at the end of the episode? Surely, Max and 99 didn't swing thru the alley, pick it up and refit it before they drove off to save the scientists. Or is the ejector seat really a series of seats, compressed one on top of the other, rather like a box of tissues? Ah, the mysteries of the CONTROL lab.... (Michele)
55. The Expendable Agent 4th March 1967
Max leans up against the chalk board and gets part of the professor's top secret formula on his back.  In the next scene he, 99 and the "professor" are at the airport where the professor (who's really the expendable agent) gets shot by a Kaos chick.  Max then turns and runs after the girl and tackles her.  His back to the camera and there is no chalk on his back.  In the scene following this, Max & 99 are back at Control and Max turns his back to the camera again and guess what?  The chalk came back! Would you believe it's the old disappearing and reappearing chalk trick?  How about the old clunky continuity trick? (Amanda H)
54. How to Succeed in the Spy Business Without Really Trying 11th March 1967
In this episode, Siegfried tricks Control into believing that he is defecting from Kaos and wants to cooperate fully with the forces of goodness. He is of course bluffing as usual and intends to double-cross Control. In the second scene at the warehouse, Shtarker sneaks up on the Chief, draws his gun and is shot dead by Siegfried. Later in that scene, we find that Siegfried's gun was loaded with blanks and/or he intentionally missed Shtarker. Well, keeping that in mind, think of the scene later in the show where Siegfried is alone in Max's apartment... Shtarker enters through the window and the two of them act out a false assassination attempt and capture it on Max's hidden tape recorder. Later, Max, 99 and the Chief re-enter the apartment to find Siegfried apparently dead... they listen to the hidden recorder and learn more about why he was killed; then they notice that he is still alive... So, where is the goof? Max and the Chief watched Siegfried shoot Shtarker dead (dead because he didn't get back up)! Shouldn't any of the Control agents smelled a rat when Shtarker showed up at Max's apartment to assassinate Siegfried, especially since Shtarker was supposed to be dead? I'm wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this major goof? (Ray Plazek)
56. Appointment in Sahara 25th March 1967
You can easily tell the backdrops of the desert, as most of them have creases. So you can see this big crease in the set, as though it's been folded up. At the end when Fatima unties Max, but only one of his arms. We see a quick shot of Fatima, and then Max is completely untied. If Max untied the ropes himself, he wouldn't have done it so quick, but apart from that, Max should still be tied to the ground.(Dale B)
Watch the scene where Max and the Kaos agent are fighting in the tent of the daughters.  The agent draws a knife on Max.  Max disarms him and gets knocked to the ground in the process.  Max lands on his back with the knife still in his hand, with the tip pointing upward.  The agent lunges at Max and lands on the knife.  Watch when Max rolls the agent over onto his back -- suddenly, the knife is completely gone!   It wasn't in the agent nor was it on the ground any longer!  (Ray Plazek)
57. Pussycats Galore 1st April 1967

58-60. A Man Called Smart, Parts 1-3
8th, 15th, & 22nd April 1967
Max is on the roof with a KOAS agent and ordered to hand over his All-Purpose Briefcase which contained a rope, ladder, flashlight and parachute. Max pushes the KAOS agent and himself off the roof and the briefcase drops out of his hand. Max is then seen hanging from the handle as the parachute (umbrella?) slowly lowers him to the ground.(Dan)
In part 3 in the scene where Max and Otto Hoorah are sword fighting, you'll notice that in quite a lot of shots, first Max is fighting with his right hand, then his left hand, then his right. He constantly changes hands in just about every shot. (Dale)
Maybe he was just ambidextrous :-) (Amanda H)
If max is Ambidextrous, then which hand did he most consistently hold his gun? (Dan A)
During the fight, both Max and The Big One (Otto Hurrah) injure the hands they are fighting with and Max switches to his left hand. (Jodi)
Off hand, I'm actually thinking left because, if I'm not mistaken, he used to put his right arm around 99 (Dan R)
Then how come they continue to switch hands during the fight? It's not just once. It happens a few times. (Dale)
I believe he's right handed and like most righties (like me), he wears his watch on the left and holds his gun on the right. You use the prominent hand more than the other. (Gina)
In Part One ... the actor who is the Control lab man's brother and who knew who stole the formula.   He agrees to meet with Max "in" the revolving door of the hotel.   After enough times around, the informer agrees to tell Max who stole the formula.  Of course, he begins "the formula was stolen by..." and a shot rings out.  He falls. The goof...   the actor is shot through the revolving door... but, nowhere is the glass of the revolving door broken in any way! (Ray & Paul Plazek)
Max makes a blunder, he's supposedly talking to the informer and is actually on the phone which 99 is on.  (Dan C)
Watch the cords when Max is on the phones.  They are totally mixed up.  When he's talking to 99, the phone cord goes to the phone on his far left, which is Russell Bediyoskin. (Jodi)
If you look, the Chief is on the first phone, 99 is on the second, and Russ B is on the third phone. There was at least twice where Max was talking to the Chief on 99's line and I think once where he had the Chief's line and was addressing RB. (Gina)
In the third part of the three-part episode.  Max makes a call from the laundry to Panamint Studios in Los Angeles.  Max does not reveal his name nor his reason for inquiring about Mr. Orlando.  Listen after Max hangs up, the operator dials another person and says ... "a man called Smart just called from Washington, inquiring about Mr. Orlando."  The goof -- Max didn't provide the operator with this information. (Ray Plazek)
  61. Viva Smart 16th September 1967
Max and 99 are in their rooms and Max is putting his stuff away, when he drops his shirts and stuff through the bottomless drawer and picks them up again, he's saying something to 99. But...he's talking to the wrong door. See, 99 is in the room to his left (screen left. what you would see), but he tells her what he's doing and talks to his screen right. Now, i'm aware that, if he'd actually turned to his right and talked to her, we wouldn't see his face, but..in the scene before where he's telling about the previous guest, his comments are directed to screen left, in the room where she is and talking to him from. (Gina)
When Max and 99 escape from the jail, the wall shakes. (Andrew Steinberg)
62. Witness for the Persecution 23rd September 1967
Max puts the pillow at the foot of the bed to elevate his feet. Then there is a change of angle, and suddenly Max is underneath the sheets. (Kristian W)
The Exterminator is posing as the plumber in Max's apartment and opens the door and looks through it from the kitchen.  You can look straight back to the back wall instead of it being blocked by the refrigerator which is by the door in any scene shot in the kitchen. (Dan C)

63. The Spy Who Met Himself 7th  October 1967
In the instruction film, when Max gets out of bed the first time, he bumps his head against the closed door and rolls backwards over the bed. When he gets to the door the second time, it has mysteriously opened. (Kristian W)
I remember watching Get Smart on TV as a kid after school and how it made me laugh. I also remember cracking up every time there was a fight scene, as this was when we got to see Max�s double! Although the same height as Don Adams, and close-ups were never used, it always seemed so obvious it was a someone else, maybe it was the longer sideburns, the different stacked hair, the non Max moves�.. It was Hollywood Stuntman and actor Eddie Hice, he was one of the main stand-ins Don used after doing less of the stunts in the mid and later seasons of the series. Eddie a respected stuntman and actor who even got to act in some Get Smart episodes ("The Impossible Mission" " Rub-a-Dub-Dub�Three Spies in a Sub"), acted in Gunsmoke in the mid 50�s, Star Trek in the late 60�s ("Wink of an Eye") continued in stunt work in Repo Man (1984) and Crimewave (1985), recently in the Cable Guy (1996) and Dante�s Peak (1997) among many other features. Expecting current film production standards from a comedy TV show from the mid sixties may be a be a bit rich but to find another reason to laugh at a already brilliantly funny show is purely a bonus. In one episode (see 'Cutback at Control' ep#48) we even saw Eddie (as Max) fly across the room in a fight landing under a table, where Don (the real Max) appears from behind the table while you can still see Eddie fumbling Max style on the floor. Just another wonderful moment from a wonderful TV show, Get Smart! (PJB)

64. The Spirit is Willing 14th October 1967
In the second scene, Max and 99 are in the lab with Agent 37 (who takes the place of the Chief in this episode). Agent 37 is discussing the case against the Kaos agent Montibello with them. As the scene opens, we see 37 looking past a machine that he implies is a computer or perhaps it is supposed to be a movie projector. Either way, watch the tape/film that is moving between the reels. That is the point! The tape or film is moving at a slow speed between two reels, without passing through any type of layback device! Any thoughts on this find? As a totally useless point, my family and I noticed something that the writers/producers of GS might have thrown in as an aside. During that same scene, shortly after the above goof, we see 99 standing in front of the side wall of the room. Watch the two black speakers (?) on the wall behind her... as she turns around, the speakers appear slightly above her head and almost look as if she is wearing a pair of Mickey Mouse ears! Use your imagination on this one! As I said, this is a totally useless point. (Ray Plazek)
When Max and 99 are in the grave and Mondobello has them at gunpoint. Then Max hits him in the leg and he and 99 climb out of the grave. But when Max climbs out of the grave he changes into a stunt double and when he turns around to fight with Mondobello you actually see the stunt double's face. But it doesn't look like the normal stunt double, Eddie Hice. (Christopher)

65. Maxwell Smart, Private Eye 21st October 1967
66. Supersonic Boom 28th October 1967
67. One of Our Olives is Missing 4th November 1967
The man 'pussycat' is stabbed and Max helps him to the ground. He then shoots a man escaping and runs to the door after him. Then he turns and finds 'Ozark Annie' sitting at a table and goes over to squeeze the olives. He passes where the man fell but he is no longer there. (Max passes by without needing to walk around the 6'5" guy! No one else even notices the guy died there.)(Jason McGrath )
68. When Good Fellows Get Together 18th November 1967
At the beginning of this episode at KAOS headquarters, Robert Karvelas is one of the KAOS agents studying Gropo the KAOS robot, yet later he is seen as Larabee assisting in the CONTROL lab !!! - Would you believe a double agent ?? (Peter Wright)

69. Dr. Yes 25th November 1967
Dr. Yes has Max and 99 on/in their respective "death devices."  While the good Dr. is explaining just how these fun devices work, they go to the close-up of Don . . . and he is already wet. (Jodi)
70. That Old Gang of Mind 2nd December 2, 1967
 Max and The Dutchman are climbing the wall to get into the building in order to seal the Royal Jewels.  When The Dutchman reaches the window, after he cuts a hole in one of the panes, the window swings open, already unlocked.  But look closely . . . in the lower right corner, you can plainly see a hand pulling the window open. (Jodi)
71. The Mild Ones 9th December 1967
At the end, Max says to the Chief "His wife will never forgive him." But in WITH LOVE AND TWITCHES, the Chief says to 99's mother he never married. (Dale B)
Obvious stuntman: When Max and 99 went to ride off on the motorcycle, note the stand-in running from the rear and then hopping on the motorbike. (PJB)
When Max and Brute are "jousting" and Max knocks him off his bike, the guy who falls to the ground does not have a beard. (Jodi)
Max's turtle neck is plain until he wakes 99 to help the Prime Minister escape. Then, all of a sudden, he has on the Control Bowling Team shirt, complete with the "86". Did he change clothes? (Jodi)

72. Classification:Dead 23rd December 1967
When the Chief and 99 go through the gymnasium door to look for Max, they enter directly into the office of Mr. Hercules. When Max went through the same door minutes earlier, he entered the gymnasium before swinging through the double doors into Mr. Hercules' office.
73. The Mysterious Dr. T 30th December 1967
As Max is going through the external security carrying a cup of coffee for Professor Longnecker, he steps into a booth to be frisked. He raises his arms high above his head, turning the cup of coffee on its side with nothing spilling out. He exits the booth and goes into the lab where he gives the professor a full cup of coffee.(Dan C)
74. The King Lives 6th January 1968
In The Mild Ones (Ep.71), Max tells the Boluvian prime minister's aide to "forget about protocol". But just three episodes later, in The King Lives?, Max thinks protocol is a kind of aspirin.(Alice Dryden)

75. The Groovy Guru 13th January 1968
76 & 77. The Little Black Book, Parts I and II 27th January & 3rd Feb 1968
78. Don't Look Back 10th February 1968
Robert Karvelas can be seen in the jury. Only his hair was white, he wore glasses, and had a gray mustache. (PJB)
79. 99 Loses Control 17th February 1968
Victor Royal orders Louie to turn off the telephones. However, at the end of the episode, Max uses one of the phones to contact the Chief. (Dale B)
80. The Wax Max 24th February 1968
Yes, I saw the female "mannequin" "moving and grooving" quite clearly in that scene from "House of Max"- in fact, my eyes were glued to her.  I thought that she was going to start dancing any moment there!  I wish they'd hired those professional mannequins (budget considerations?).  I missed "Hitler" blinking- I would have liked to have seen that faux pas! (Holly)
When Max is talking to Chief Inspector Sparrow at the beginning of the episode, he says, "Are we talking about Jack the Ripper?  The same Jack the Ripper who terrorized London at the turn of the century?"  Sorry, Max, it wasn't the turn of the century.  Jack the Ripper terrorized London in August-November of 1888. (Jodi)
81. Operation Ridiculous 2nd March 1968
At the beginning of the episode, Max gets a call on his shoe phone from the Chief. However, he doesn't take the bottom of the shoe off to answer the call.
When the KAOS Agents start to take Max, 99, and Mr. Fitzmorris out of the room, Mr. Fitzmorris' bandage on his arm is untucked at the elbow. But in the next shot, when they are out of the room, the bandage is tucked in. (Dale B)
82. Spy, Spy, Birdie 9th March 1968
When Phister says to Max near the end, "What do you think of my birds?" he has glasses on. But in the next shot, they are off. (Dale B)
Max, 99, Siegfried, and Schtarker enter the store of Pfister's. Pfister traps the four of them in the store and the cuckoo clock behind Max is three minutes before 3 o'clock. After Max realizes it is Pfister, the clock reads two minutes before 3 o'clock. The next time you see Max and 99, the clock reads three minutes before 3 o'clock again.(Dan C)
83. Run, Robot, Run 16th March 1968
Watch as Hymie competes in the mile run. He starts in the third lane out from the center, yet in the scenes that follow, we find Hymie in the other lanes. In the final scene from this segment, Hymie's battery loses power and he comes to a stop just before the finish line. Note that in this scene, Hymie is in the inner-most lane of the track... oophs! (Ray P)
Max, 99 and the Chief are sitting in a stadium watching a game.  Max starts applauding before the event they are applauding for actually takes place.  (Nancy Hill)
84. The Hot Line 23rd March 1968
85. The Reluctant Redhead 6th April 1968
86. Die,Spy 30th March 1968
87. The Impossible Mission 21st September 1968
88. Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron 28th September 1968
During the teaser segment... Max, the Chief and 99 are in the lounge area of the airplane and the Chief is attempting to brief the others on the assignment. As usual, Max is not paying attention to much. He is focused on reading a book about Snoopy fighting the Red Baron. During this scene, Max looks out the window and sees the Red Baron (actually Siegfried) flying by. The commercial jet they are on flies at a height of approximately 30,000 feet. The Fokker d-VII that Siegfried is flying could not possibly reach that same height, nor could it possibly have been seen at all considering the jet would be traveling about 600 miles per hour. & ..Watch the scene where Max is assuring 99 that you can climb a haystack, despite her attempts to enlighten him to the obvious. Max is of course unable to climb the haystack, which we all expect. However, a moment later, Siegfried, accompanied by Shtarker and another Kaos agent draw weapons on Max and 99. You'll notice that the three enemy agents are all standing on the haystack! How'd they do it? (Ray Plazek)
 Max is sitting beside the well-endowed beauty in the jet.  She is having trouble getting the window blind open and Max goes to help.  He leans over with his left hand to open the blind while his right hand is holding the martini which he spills down her ,ahem, bosum, and the camera gives a closeup of Max's Right hand opening the blind, then pans out and the right hand is holding the empty glass, Max's left hand is coming back from the window, and the girl's top is all wet. (Dan C)
Max and 99 are captured by Siegfried's men and tied up in the barn.  As Siegfried and Shtarker are talking to Max and 99, their backs are against bales of straw.  The camera shifts and Siegfried and Shtarker now have the wall of the barn with harness and other things behind them.  The camera shifts again, and the bales of straw reappear behind Siegfried.  (Dan C)
While hanging on the plane, Max's goggles change positions between shots. (Andrew Steinberg)
89. Closely Watched Planes 5th October 1968
When Max is in the lavatory and the trap door opens, the landscape on the ground doesn't move throughout the scene even though a jet plane would be going 300-400 miles per hour.  (Dan C)
I dispute the above Goof for this episode, which states that the "ground isn't moving". If you've ever watched the ground from 30,000 feet, it moves very, very slowly almost indistinguishable from the shot in this scene. What should have happened when the floor dropped open was to suck everything out of the washroom & the plane ( decompression ). There isnt even a breeze in the washroom when it opens. (Mike F)
When the Chief gets a call from 99 on the sandwich phone, he first picks up and talks into a slice of pickle. Then when he removes a piece of lettuce, he hastily picks up a potato chip and talks into that instead of the pickle slice! (Mike F)
90. The Secret of Sam Vittorio 12th October  1968
After Sam shoots the real Connie and Floyd, and Sam thinks the real Connie and Floyd just show up, Max and 99 are leaning over the bed to hear Sam's secret.  Max and Sam hit heads and 99 cries, "Max!".  Max says, "I'm okay, 99."  Sam should have heard them call each other by their realnames and not Connie and Floyd.  (Dan C)
91. Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend 19th October 1968
The chief answers the hydrant phone and first speaks into the large plug and listens from the small plug.  Shortly thereafter, he is speaking into the small plug and listening from the large plug.  (Dan C)
92. The Worst Best Man 26th October 1968
93. A Tale of Two Tails 2nd November 1968
When Lundy & Caruso are fighting in the classroom, Lundy's hanky falls out of his jacket pocket, but we never see it fall out. (Mike F)
When Max is dropping off Lundy & Caruso to tail 99, the same people (extras) are passing by behind the car multiple times. These same extras appears all over during the outdoor scenes. (Mike F)
When Chief and Larabee are discussing who they should send to meet 99 at the Caterers, the chief looks at his "watch", but he has no wrist watch on (look closely)! (Mike F)
When Max and the Chief are done with the cone of silence, when the chief says "I told you Max its not working", Max has one arm on the desk and the other on his leg, but immediately when he replies, both arms are laying on the desk. Also, watch a few seconds later, when Max says "Or..when the cone of silence is not working" ..the desk blotter and pen holder are right up against the edge of the desk, and Max's arms are in wrapped around in back of the holder. Immediately after, the blotter about 6 inches away from the edge, and his forearms are in front of the pen holder. (Mike F)
When the Japanese Kaos agent grabs the Iron from the coals, its the only one on them. But seconds later, another Iron magically appears on the coals. (Another TVLand Edit?) (Mike F)
When Max is about to chase the Kaos Agent into the back of the Laundry, he tells 99 to cover the front and have Lundy and Caruso to cover the back, why do they walk in with 99 from the front after the fight? Did 99 forget to tell them? (Mike F)
94. The Return of the Ancient Mariner 9th November 1968
Watch during the scene in Max's apartment when Mr. Bob returns to pick up his samples.  Max is convinced that Mr. Bob is really the Chameleon, so he picks a fight with Mr. Bob.  During that fight, Mr. Bob hits Max across the face, knocking him into the wall.  Max hits the wall, knocking one or both square pictures off the wall.  Watch after Mr. Bob leaves ... Max walks into the wall behind the door as he normally would.  Watch as the camera pulls to a wide-angle shot --- both pictures are right back on the wall where they were originally! (Ray Plazek)
When Larabee shows up at Max's apartment, Max has his arms crossed when he asks why the chief didn't call on the phone. When Larabee replies: "Your phone might have been tapped", Max does not have his arm crossed anymore, and 99's hair is somewhat different, and they are standing farther apart (another shooting the next day or after lunch?). (Mike F)
When Max & 99 are about to exit the closet, Max tells 99 to go downtown and find the Admiral. I believe TVLand (US TV 2002) chopped a big piece of the scene out when the Chameleon was disguised as the Admiral. how did Max know that the Admiral was downtown? (Mike F)
Overall, the entire story was somewhat confusing, albeit a great vehicle for William Schallert's portrayal as Admiral Hargrade. Wasn't the whole point of the episode, which was explained in the Chameleon's telegram, was to "get" the Admiral? The Cameleon had him at max's apartment, and let him loose on skid row. Later, it seems, the Cameleon's plan was to "invade" the security conference. Which was it? (Mike F)
95. With Love and Twitches 16th November 1968
When Max (stunt double really) falls down the stairs, he lands behind the couch, then the real Max (Don Adams) stands up. If you look closely, as Don gets up, you can still see the stunt double. (Dale)
When Max and Dr. Madre are talking at the restaurant, the candle at the table in the background against the wall is out in the last 1/2 of the scene. There always seems to be problems with candles in the episodes. Make you wonder why they used them at all. (Mike F)
96. The Laser Blazer 30th November 1968
Max and the Chief are talking to Mr. Antonelli about the missing blazer.  If you look on the wall behind them, there is a sign that says "In by 10, out by 5" with two analog clocks showing the times.  Except . . . the hands are reversed on both clocks.  The minute hand is where the hour hand should be and the hour hand is where the minute hand should be.  According to the clocks, if you get your stuff in by 11:50, you'll get it back by 12:25. (Jodi)
The Hong Kong tailor shop sure looks alot like the chinese laundry shop from "A tale of 2 tails" and other episodes. (Mike F)
When Max & 99 are talking about Ingrid in the living room after she arrives, when 99 comments "Her legs were a little heavy", and Max replies "I didn't think so", the vacuum cleaner is suddenly right in front of 99, and they have both moved to the left about 1 foot. (Mike F)
Later, when Max picks up the suitcase after tripping over it, watch the angle he puts it down, and later before he disintegrates it, its at a different angle. (Mike F)
After the 2 KAOs agents break in, when Max says  "Do you know what activates it?" he is holding the blazer much higher up than before and after that line. (Mike F)

97. The Farkas Fracas  7th December 1968
Watch the scene in the Smarts' apartment when the Chief pushes the destruct button to destroy his attaché case. When the explosion occurs, pay attention to the door on the apartment... the door begins to fall off its hinges BEFORE the smoke appears and BEFORE the sound of the explosion! You might want to watch this one a few times... (Ray Plazek)
Has anyone else noticed that the kitchen door, which obviously leads to the Farcases across the way, is ONLY in that episode? Any other time when Max or 99 are in the kitchen, there's just a wall. (Gina)
When Max & Chief are shooting it out at the Pier, the Chief shoots his gun after saying "I wish I knew who tipped off KAOS", the sound editor must have missed one shot, because it sounds like a cap gun ( the real prop gun sound ). (Mike F)
Before 99 goes to the kitchen to get dessert, look at the candles. When she returns one minute later with dessert, the candles are burned down quite a bit for 1 minute.  By the end of the dinner, the candles are about 1/3 of their size. Remember when 99 lit them at the beginning of the episode? They were brand new. (Mike F)
Also, the candles mysteriously go out between the time when Max & chief go upstairs, and Mrs. Farcas goes in to clear the table. (Mike F)
When 99 is bound and gagged in the closet, how can she be knocking on the door? She was facing the door when Max opens it. (Mike F)
Watch 99's hands and scarf right when she says "You'll never catch them", and immediately after when the Chief says: "There's only one thing to do"; the scarf which gagged 99 is draped around her hair, and she begins to reach behind her head to untie it, but suddenly the scarf is on her shoulders, and her arm is at her side. Then she starts to untie it again.  (Mike F)
The dining room table mysteriously gets cleared sometime between the time Ms. Farcas lets in her husband and when they destroy the briefcase. Also, the spilled wine is not on the tablecloth. (Mike F)
98. Temporarily Out of CONTROL 14th December 1968
99. Schwartz's Island 21st December 1968
When Control's mini-magnet (which is stronger than Kaos's Maxi-magnet) is pulling Max, 99 and the Chief out of the synthetic sand, Max has a piece of rope tied around his right arm. None of them were ever tied up, so where did the rope come from? In the next scene, when he turns the Maxi-magnet off, it's gone. (Jodi)
"When Control's mini-magnet (which is stronger than Kaos's Maxi-magnet) is pulling Max, 99 and the Chief out of the synthetic sand, Max has a piece of rope tied around his right arm. None of them were ever tied up, so where did the rope come from? In the next scene, when he turns the Maxi-magnet off, it's gone."
 Max clearly states that the mini-magnet is on his belt.  It's his belt that he wraps around his right arm, not a rope...  There's no blooper here.
Max's mini magnet was in a storage area on his belt and it is not a rope that is around his arm, it is his belt!  He reached down to his belt and took it off to use the mini magnet. (jon regas)
100. One Nation Invisible 28th December 1968
Ninety-nine returns home unexpectedly and Max has to hide Dr. Canyon - a beautiful scientist who has developed an invisibility formula. After Ninety-nine
enters the apartment, Max tries to stall her in an effort to keep Ninety-nine from going upstairs. A piece of the dialog Max uses goes like this: "Ninety-nine why don't you fix yourself a cup of hot, warm milk." Hot, warm milk? I would presume that this line was not in the script - I don't understand how one can have "hot, warm milk." (Frankie Adamo)
101. Hurray for Hollywood 4th January 1969
102. The Day They Raided the Knights 11th January  1969
In the infamous scene with the Chief & Larabee in drag, Max's stunt double can be noticed in the wide shots during the fight scene, it doesn't look like the usual stuntman (Eddie Hice) but a ring-in with thicker hair than Max and slightly stockier build (PJB)
The opening scene ... 99 encounters a wooden crate that says "KAOS TRAINING FILMS: not to be opened by anyone under 18 unless accompanied by an adult." Oophs ... a typo appears on that crate. It reads "under 18 unless ACCOMPANED by an adult." (Ray Plazek)

103. Tequila Mockingbird 18th January 1969
Max, Dietrick and Valdez are about to have a shoot-out. Max is wearing a poncho and pushes it aside to show his gun. As the camera shows each person's gun, Max is no longer wearing his poncho. When the gunfight starts, Max is wearing his poncho again. (Dan)
104. I Shot 86 Today 1st February 1969
Dr. Simon explains the golf shoephone to Max and tells him to speak into the heel and listen from the toe. Later, he is on the phone and speaking into the toe and listening from the heel. (Dan)
99's hairstyle keeps changing when they are on the golf course. In some shots the top of her hair is in a ponytail and in the other shots it looks like it is held back with bobby pins. (V Janzen)
105. Absorb the Greek 8th February 1969
106. To Sire, With Love Part I 15th February 1969
107. To Sire, With Love Part II 22nd February 1969
At the end of episode Part 2 when Max and Rupert are fighting, Max jumps on a brown table and falls off. You can clearly see that it's a stunt. But after he falls, we see a quick shot of Don Adams getting up. Does he have his mustache on? I'm not sure. (Dale B)
108. Shock it to Me 1st March 1969
Watch the semi truck that Max is driving in the opening scene. As Max drives up, you see the truck is clearly pulling along a trailer. However, watch as Max is talking on his phone. If you look behind him, you will not see a trailer through the rear window, but rather the scenery behind the truck. Oophs! As a footnote to this, watch the very beginning scene of the show where you see a truck rolling along the highway. That truck was a Freightliner chassis... but when we see Max pulling the truck up as the next scene begins, he is driving a Ford chassis... just something to ponder... (Ray Plazek)
109. Leadside 8th March 1969
While riding in the back of the moving van/semi truck, Leadside makes the statement to his co-horts... "we're cruising at approximately 65 miles per hour, right?" The previous scene and the one that follows, shows the truck driving through downtown city traffic and encountering a red traffic light. (Ray P)
A flub. After Max opens the door in his apartment, and Leadside and the woman pushing him run out the door, you hear a large crash that sounds like Leadside and the woman falling down a flight of stairs. Only thing is there aren't stairs across the hall from Max's apartment. As established in other episodes, there's just a wall, and perhaps another apartment, located across the hall. In fact, didn't the Farcases live across the way in "The Farcas Fracas?" (Mike)
When Control's computer Ardvarc finally blows up, the blue line that signifies his talking stops and goes blank, but when they change camera angles, it shows it working again.  Kinda funny. (Tim M)
110. Greer Window 15th March 1969
In the closing scene, Max is resting on the couch. He pushes the TV remote control and of course, it sets off every booby-trap in the apartment, everything but turning on the TV! Watch when the cannon on the bar fires... from where Max is seated, the cannon's line of fire should be from the right side of the screen, behind Max, towards the left side of the screen. However, the goof comes when the shot from the cannon is fired in exactly the opposite direction! The shot hits Max from the wrong side of the screen! (Ray P)
Max is shot by the KAOS agent at the beginning of the episode.  He falls to the ground and rolls, shooting his gun until he stops, unconscious, facing left.  The Chief and Larabee run up to him and they show Max close up, still unconscious, now facing left. (Dan C)
In the teaser segment when the Chief orders Larrabee to "fire through the window" with the tear gas gun.  The Chief counts "10 ..."
and Larabee fires the shot over the house.  Without reloading the gun with another canister, Larabee fires a second shot upon the Chief's order.
The goof ... according to my father, the tear gas gun only holds a single canister at a time.  Larabee didn't reload. (Ray Plazek)
111 & 112. The Not-So-Great-Escape, Parts I & II 22nd & 29th March 1969
In part 1 a shot is fired through the phone booth's glass door, but the glass does not break.  (Andrew Steinberg)
In Part II Siegfried says to Shtarker, "We don't tic tac toe here!" Shtarker rubs off the X he drew on. However, in the next few shots, if you look carefully, the X is still there.
Max knocks Kendall out, and Kendall falls on the ground next to the hole. However, at the end when the Control agents walk off, we see that Kendall is gone. (Dale B)

The CBS 5th Season 'The Larabee Years' 1969 to 1970

The Larabee Mystery: Robert Karvelas (Don Adams first cousin) along with his twin brother Bill, appeared in some earlier episodes in small roles, not long after ('Weekend Vampire' Episode #13 Dec 1965) Robert first played Control Agent Larabee. By the last season Larabee had become a very important part of Get Smart. Carl calls them the Larabee years!!. Robert died in 1992, Bill I don't know much about or what episodes he actually did appear in. (PJB)

113. Pheasant Under Glass 26th September 1969
The episode starts off on the moon. Max, 99, and the chief are talking to eachother, but there are no apparent radios. The only way they could talk to each other without radios is to put their helmets together and shout. Another blooper on the moon is the fact that when you're on the moon, you can't see stars. Go to http://www.badastronomy.com/bad/tv/foxapollo.html#stars if you want more info. (astrogirl)
Max, 99 and the Chief are having a meeting on the moon. During the course of the meeting, the Chief pulls out a picture of the place Max and 99 have to break into to rescue Professor Pheasant. If you watch his hand, the plastic folder he takes it out of folds downward. That's impossible . . . because as we all know, there's no gravity on the moon . . . (Jodi)
Actually, there is gravity on the moon but it's only one-sixth that of earth so things just fall more slowly. What gets me about that scene is that when the Chief points to New Jersey he points down. Regardless of where on the moon they are supposed to be, if earth is visible at all it would have to be above the horizon. (Chris)

114. Ironhand 3rd October 1969
Max accidentally fires a mortar shell from the baby carriage into his car from behind. This completely destroys the car (his gold Opel). Yet, in the scene shortly after that, Max pulls up to the Washington airport in the same car and it was in perfect condition! CONTROL must have a super mechanic to fix his car that quickly! For the record, you'll have to look extremely fast to catch this one, as the scene passes by quickly without any conversation. (Ray P)
Larabee has a bowling ball stuck to his hand and smashes the White House phone. Larabee then calls out of the window to the President at the White House. This can't be possible as Control Headquarters is ten stories underground, as referred to by the Chief in SUPERSONIC BOOM. (Dale B) Maybe they moved? (PJB)
After Operation Baby Buggy Switch, Max tells IH, "Excuse me for laughing into your hand, Mr. Ironface ..." Surely, he was supposed to say, "Excuse me for laughing in your face, Mr. Ironhand..." (Steve B) Maybe (PJB)
115. Valerie of the Dolls 10th October 1969
116. Widow Often Annie 17th October 1969
In the scene where Max & 99 are making up over him missing their anniversary dinner, they hug, and as they pull apart she keeps her right hand around his shoulders.  The scene pans away and when it goes back her hand isn't there anymore.  Then just a second later, it's back.   It's clearly an editing of different takes together. (Bailey)
Watch closely the scene at Max and Anne's wedding. When Max forgets to bring the wedding ring for Anne, he runs back to 99 and asks for her ring. Of course, 99 objects, but finally gives in and takes off her ring. In the next camera view of 99 (as the Chief asks if anyone can show just cause why the two cannot be married), 99 is still wearing the ring! (Ray Plazek)
During the scene at the beginning when Max and the Chief are playing tennis, Max goes to serve the ball and falls in the process. Naturally, we are expecting Max to do something stupid like this. Watch closely ... Max falls with the tennis ball in his hand, but a moment later, a tennis ball bounces directly in front of when Max was standing before he fell. How could the ball go down with Max as he fell and yet bounce where Max was standing and high enough for the camera to see? (Ray Plazek)
There are some scenes in this episode where you can clearly see the boom mic too (PJB)

117. The Treasure of C. Errol Madre 24th October 1969
118. Smart Fell on Alabama 31st October 1969
The colonel walks into the flashlight on the ground (Andrew Steinberg)
119.And Baby Makes Four Parts I and II  7 & 14th November 1969
Max is constantly calling 99 to check on the progress of her labor pains (which turn out to be false). One time when he calls, she answers the phone out of breath. Max, concerned, asks her why she is out of breath. She tells him she was upstairs and, every time she gets comfortable, he calls and she has to run downstairs to answer the phone. Now if I remember correctly, Max had, at the least, three phones in the bedroom . . . the regular phone, the headboard phone and the classic "painting of 99" phone. With all those phones upstairs, why is she running downstairs to answer the phone? Did they take all the phones out of the bedroom? Or are they all different lines? (Jodi)
120 & 121. Physician Impossible 21st November 1969
122. The Apes of Rath 28th November 1969
How tall was Max's apartment building? ...when they're on the roof and look down, it's about 15 stories down to the street and it is a four lane street. Other times his apartment is on the ground floor, and others it's the second floor. The Chief and Dietrich had to take a fire truck ladder all the way up to Max's window. When the Lazer Blazer shot a hole into Max's wall and destroyed the Second National Bank, it looked like Max's apartment was about 30 stories in the air. When Max was shot in the bottom and had to sit on cushions at home, he looked across the street and into an office building about 10 stories up. The view from the roof during "The Apes of Rath" shows an apartment building. During Plan Omega, the Chief stationed control agents down the street because the hotel across the street charged too much. The Exterminator had a room across the street from which he shot an arrow. 99 used a similar room while she was guarding Max. What I'm asking is, what does Max's neighborhood look like? Office buildings? Apartment buildings? Hotels, banks or just houses? (Dan C)
Moment Please, Maybe Max had to keep continuously switch apartments in the building, due to Kaos knowing where he lived. That could explain how the apartment looked different inside during the latter episodes, and some of the gadgets were in a different spot, gadgets disappeared, new gadgets appeared, different phones in different places, and so on. The only thing that stands in the way of that theory, is that Max has 86 on the door. "Amazing!" (Dale) When Chuck carries 99 up on the roof, Barbara uses her right hand to support herself as she's being put down.(Jodi)
When the twins awaken Max and 99, and Max has to go to the car to get the formula, he goes to the front door, opens it, and walks right out. None of the numerous locks are engaged. That's pretty strange, considering the severity of the situation and that every other time anyone that knocks on the door, they have to lean against the and wait for Max (or 99 in later episodes) to open the door.(Jodi)

123. Age Before Duty 5th December 1969
When Max, 99 and the Chief came down to the photo lab, Max picks up the waste basket and empties it to the ground. The torn up photo comes out as well as a bottle of Dorien Gray. When Max puts the waste basket back on the ground, he puts it over the Dorien Gray bottle. Then later on, Max picks up the bottle. How could he pick it up if it was under the waste basket? (Dale B)
124. Is This Trip Necessary 12th December 1969
125. Ice Station Siegfried 19th December 1969
One big blooper!!! Why didn't Don appear in this episode? A tooth-ache?, Would you believe,.....creative differences! (PJB)
There are many times in that episode in which we can see obviously that it was filmed in a gray room.  If you look closely, you can see the shadows
of the people and the dogsled on the wall behind them. (Aaron R. Taylor)
Penguins live in the South Pole, not North Pole. (Andrew Steinberg)
126. Moonlighting Becomes You 2nd January 1970
99 asks Max how he knew the gun fired real bullets, the Chief steps in to explain, saying that he knew because Max had shot him earlier.  This doesn't in any way explain how Max knew. (Bailey)
127 & 128. House of Max, Parts I and II 9th & 16th January 1970
Max's hands are tied behind his back as he hangs over the cauldron of boiling wax. When the executioner cuts the rope and Max swings away from the cauldron and falls to the floor, his hands are untied and his arms are outstretched. When he hits the floor and crawls under the table, his hands are tied behind his back again. (Dan)
The werewolf is shot while standing directly in front of Max. None of the bullets pass through him. (Andrew Steinberg)
129. Rebecca of Funny-Folk Farm 23rd January 1970
 This could be debatable, but Max says that he does not know 99's real name. He should have heard it during their wedding ceremony or seen it on the marriage certificate. (Andrew Steinberg)
130. The Mess of Adrian Listenger 30th January 1970
There are shots by Max into the door when the Chief visits. They are only visible on one side of the door when it is opened (i.e. the bullets never penetrated the door). Later back at Max an 99's apartment the same door is in view and it has been repaired. (James K)
1. There is a hole in the Chief's umbrella at the funeral, which was dripping on his jacket. ( Mike F. )
2. When Wheems was about to eat at his desk, he places the napkin on his desk, also covering part of the notebook. But when he puts the egg in front of Max, the napkin is not visible on the desk or notebook. ( Mike F. )
3. After Max fires at the door, they start running toward it; 99 first and then Max, but when they arrive, Max is there first and 99 shows up after him on his right. You also have to give the crew credit for PERFECTLY synchronizing the bullet shots with their appearance on the door. ( Mike F. )
4. When Max & the Chief leave the apartment, the bullet holes are not on the other side of the door. Did they go through?
5. When Max & 99 are having breakfast, and 99 asks Max when was the last time he saw the Chief, the bullet holes in the door are gone. Also, Max has the same shirt & tie on as the day before. This scene was probably shot before the door shooting scene. ( Mike F. )
6. When Max & the Chief see Wheems in the balcony, they are standing in the middle of the room, just before that, they were standing right next to the door. ( Mike F. )
7. When Larabee calls Max to tell him the Chief will meet him for lunch, he only dials 6 numbers. Telcos started using 7 (NPA-NXX-LINE) in the early 60's. ( Mike F )
131. Witness for the Execution 6th February 1970
In the very first scene, before the dialogue between Max and the Chief begins...  notice the dust storm kicking up high winds and dust.   Watch for the windmill in the background.  The winds are very strong, yet the windmill is not turning at all! (Ray & Paul Plazek)
When Deitrich arrives with the Chief through the window, there is no fish tank in the apartment Max later used to submerge the bomb-in-the-Bon-Bon Box. ( Mike F.)
132. How Green Was My Valet 13th February 1970
When Max is practicing his valet skills at the apartment and trips down the stairs throwing the platter at the table where the chief is sitting, take a look at what's on the table. When the closeup shows the Chief talking, there is food on his plate and other items, including the goblet are in different positions from the medium shot, which doesn't show any food on the Chief's plate, and the goblet location is different. ( Mike F.)
After Max knocks over the suite of armor, watch 99's hands as she stands. In the long shot they are in different positions from the closeups of her. ( Mike F.)
When Max brings the ambassador the tea, he puts the mug on some papers, after he pours the water into it and a cut, the papers and mug are at a different angle and location. ( Mike F.)
When Max fails to open the safe and the the Ambassador storms  in, the zoom onto the wall safe shows the mug is now missing from the desk, yet it should be there. ( Mike F.)
When Max dials Control on his shoephone in the Wine Cellar, he dials counterclockwise and only 3 digits. (Mike F.)
Was anyone else listening closely when that woman (Zachary) was introducing Max & 99 as the new valet and maid to the ambassador? If I'm not mistaken, she introduced them as "Maxwell and Nina". But, it sounded like she pronounce the "Nina" as "Nine-ah". (Lisa Fulfs)

133. And Only Two Ninety-Nine 20th February 1970
Check Sonja's (the impostor 99) watch. I am not sure of the time but I think it is around 2.15. A strange time for breakfast as the continuity showed. (James K)
In fact, the watch shows a time of 10:15.  Not an unreasonable time for sending Max to work after a big breakfast.  The watch is shown in close-up as Max gets a hug on way to work. (Mongo)
When Sonja is kissing Max at breakfast, her right arm is wrapped around his back differently at the close-up than just before the closeup. ( Mike F.)
When Sonja brings a tray of breakfast out for Max, how did she open the swinging doors? They open toward the kitchen. ( Mike F.)
When Chief and Larabee are at Max's apartment questioning 99 & Sonja, shouldn't the Chief have known the real 99 was in the red outfit? ( Mike F.)
134. Smartacus 27th February 1970
Max calls Control, and Larabee hangs up on him. The phone is still hanging in the basket. The Chief then says that he'll use his key. However, in the next shot of the phone, the phone is back on the hook. (Dale B)
When 99 brings the twins into the apt, she turns on the light with her elbow, but the switch stays in the down position ( she almost seems to hesitate for a moment, but continues into the room ) BTW how did she open the door with no keys in her hands and be able to turn the doorknob? ( Mike F.)
How could Max & the chief maneuver the laundry basket over to the pay phone when they're inside of it? Was there a hole on the bottom? ( Mike F.)
135. What's It All About, Algie? 24th April 1970
136. Hello Columbus, Goodbye America 1st May 1970
137. Do I Hear a Vaults 8th May 1970
The scene where Max and Larabee arrive at the bank and survey the CONTROL agents protecting them was lifted entirely from The Treasure of C. Errol Madre. I don't mean that they just redid the scene, they actually just used the same film from the earlier episode. (Carl)
In this episode the shot of the policeman wearing tennis shoes is repeated from an earlier episode.  Unless this is a running gag I don't remember, then they just used the same tape.. .(Mongo)
138. I Am Curiously Yellow 15th May 1970
During the scene when Max grabs 99's hand and starts kissing her palm. I noticed a fake fingernail on Max's right index finger. (Sue)

bonus goofs:

The Nude Bomb (aka The Return of Maxwell Smart) (1980 Clive Donner directed)
1. Whenever Max comes out of the cloning machine, his reflection doesn't appear on the mirror.
2. When the real Max gets up with the shoe on him, he and Savage start fighting. One is on the left side, the other on the right. But in the next shot, they switch sides at fighting. Max keeps his shoe on his face while they are fighting. Max then rips off Savage's mask. But in the next shot, Max's shoe is off too.(Kristian W)
3. In the opening scene in the airplane, the man holds a gun to Max. He is holding it in his right hand. They then show a closeup of the gun and the man is holding it in his left hand. They then show the whole man and it's back in his right hand.
4. During one chase scene with the desk car, you can see the ramp the car uses to go on two wheels. At the end, after the evil man spread the gas and bullets and is pulling "Maxes" over to find the right one, you can tell that it's just Max each time crawling to a new location because his arms would still be over the body as he's been flipped over and that body doesn't have the old Max's arm over it as he reaches for the next Max. Or something like that.
5. The seamstress whom has been cloned is not identical: it is just a twin sister. Excellent attempt, however.
6. And the car with Max, Larabee and the Chief drive into the back of the semi with scarcely any room. The next scene has the doors wide open and the rest of his team crawling in.
7. When Max and Agent 22 drive to California to see Dolly Winston, they drive separate cars all the way from Washington to California and pull up in front of the house at the same time. Strange. Not quite a blooper, but still odd. (Dan C)
8. Max shoots the machine gun from the deskmobile at the faux chief's car. The window is shot with bullet holes and the trim falls off. Then the chief drives onto the bridge and causes a chainreaction accident and you see the chief sitting in his stopped car looking back through a back window with no bullet holes. (Dan C)
9. When Max is driving the tram and chasing Norman in his tram, a couple shots show Max driving with an empty tram when there are actually about a dozen people on his tram. (Dan C)

Get Smart Again! One of the best of any TV Re-Unions movies (1989 Leonard Stern written, Burt Nodella directed)
When Siegfried and Max meet in the park and then head for the rec center, and after the whole fighting thing, Seigfried is asked to undress...he's wearing a (red) sneaker. ONE sneaker! And here's one that I have to look into: Don's wearing a wedding (obviously cause he was probably married at the time) But I don't see one on Barbara's finger. seeing as Max and 99 are married, she should have one, but I'm not sure about it. I just don't remember seeing one. (Gina)
99 is wearing a wedding band, at least in most of the scenes.  Max however did not wear one for the greater part of the 5th season. (Bailey)
Siegfried is ordered to strip by Max as Hymie brings in the Professor. Siegfried hands over his neck cover (I think that's called a "dickey"?) and the professor puts it on. As Hymie escorts Siegfried out we see a back view of the Professor and he does not have that article of clothing on. (Dan)
When Max, 99, Bemish, and Smelding are hanging from the wall, Max's shoe lifts are higher than everyone else's. (Gina)
When Max and the book publisher are fighting, you see Max hit the smoke button. Then, a few moments later, you see him get clocked in the jaw.
Watch carefully when he falls down. If you look closely, you can see him scoot across the floor (actually, you only see his legs) and move to where
he is when the smoke lifts. Pretty funny... (Talia Myres)
When Max and Siegfried meet (at Siegfried is replaced by his twin brother), in the middle of the scene, Siegfried has a boot in one foot and a tennis shoe in the other. At the beginning and at the end of the scene, of course, he's wearing boots on both feet. (Adriana L. Boccaloni)
when Max arrives at the restaurant to meet 99 for lunch, Commander Drury (in disguise) meets him at the front and tells him not to tell her about the assignment or meet her for lunch.  Max says, "You're asking me to lie to 99.  I've never lied to her in my life and I'm not going tostart now!" Well, Max, that's not exactly true . . . in "Classification: Dead" (#72, 3rd season), 99 arrives at Max's apartment to check on him after she hears he's been poisoned.  He tells her exactly what happened with Janice.  99 looks hurt for a minute then says, "You told me you were working last night."  Max
looks sheepish and says, "Well, all work and no play . . . "  "Makes Max a dead boy," 99 says.  He gives her a strange look and she immediately says, "Oh, I'm sorry, Max, I shouldn't have said that."  Then, of course, she helps him find Janice, Mr. Hercules and even loans him money to pay for the antidote that Dr. Steele comes up with. (Jodie)
 Larabee hands Max the bottle of poison pills that the Major just took.  Max starts to read and says "Listen to this:" He was holding the bottle in his right hand, then the camera angle changes and he continues his sentence with the bottle in his left hand.  (Dan C)
When Max returns late at home and sits down on the bed, he begins unbuttoning his shirt.  He unbuttons it all the way, but when he stands up to talk to 99, only the top two buttons were unbuttoned. (Dee)
Max is fighting that KAOS agent in his home. He's trying to stay quiet so 99 won't hear. And if you look closely, the time on the clock changes by five minutes in different scenes . . .(Jodi)

The Dreaded 1995 Fox Series (aka the Andy Dick show)  (1994)
1. Pilot 8th January 1995
Finding something wrong in this series may be a full time job but so far superfan Dale has found ...........in the Pilot episode when Max sets the computer on fire, he tries putting it out with a folder. Then we see the water come out of the ceiling. After that, we see Max again, only the folder is no where to be seen. (Dale B)
When Kaos Agent Lars (Spelling?) tries to shoot 66, Max stands in front of her, then Zach stands in front of Max. 66 says that Zach saved her life. But really, Max saved 66, and Zach saved Max. (Dale B)
In the first scene with Max and 99, Max has a bank of clocks behind his desk which never move during the three minutes the scene takes.  Also, my wife seems to think that 99's briefcase is open, then she leans down on her elbows on her closed briefcase with no time to close it.  It's out of the picture for a split second, so I'll let others make the decision.  (Dan C)
2. Casino Evil
3. Goodbye Ms. Chip
...the Marine security guard stops Zach at the metal detector. Zach tells him he's from Control and opens his wallet. The guard replies, "That's a gas card, Sir". Zach answers, "Good job, Sergeant." The guard has only two stripes giving him the rank of corporal. If I am wrong on this, someone who knows better please correct me. Also in the same episode, Max and 99 reminisce about their first kiss and when they found out they were in love. They said it was the torture chambers in Turkey, I believe? We all know it was when Max and 99 were dressed up in Charlie Chaplan outfits in the tv studio in "The Impossible Mission". (Dale C)
...he is most correct on the striping of that sergeant wannabe... A corporal would indead have 2 cheverons while a plain old sergeant has 3 cheverons. A staff sergeant has 3 cheverons and a rocker... (my mother was a marine) (Amanda H)
4. Shooting Up the Charts
5. Passenger 99
6. Wurst Enemies
When Max and Siegfried tackle the world globe, Max has knocked the gun out of Siegfried's hands. The position of the gun changes. (Dale)
Max is talking to Siegfriend on one phone and 66 on another.  At one point, he is supposedly talking to 66 and giving his plan to her but ends up talking to Siegfried.  The phone he's talking on is actually the one that 66 is on, not Siegfried.  (Dan C)
7. Liver Let Die

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