THE LATER YEARS - The Love Boat, the Nude Bomb & Get Smart the 1995 Fox series.... I ASKED you not to mention that!!



Joys (1976) TV Movie
Don had a role in this TV movie spoof on Jaws featuring lots of comedians including Bob Hope, Steve Allen, Milton Berle & George Burns.

The Love Boat (1977 to 1986) ABC/Spelling-Goldberg
Don appeared as guest star in the 1976 Two-hour pilot episode "Acauplco Bound" (aired 5th May 1977) along with Jack Jones, Ted Hamilton, Dick Van Patten and Theodore Wilson with other guest stars Tom Bosley, Florence Henderson, Gabriel Kaplan, Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman, Hal Linden and Karen Valentine.
Don then appeared in some episodes of the TV series that starred Gavin Macleod, Bernie Kopell (Get Smart’s Seigfried!), Fred Grandy and Ted Lange.
"April's Love / We Three / Happy Ending"
With other guest stars Charo, Juliet Mills, Kyle Aletter and Ross Martin.
"Doc Takes the Fifth / Safety Last / A Business Affair"
With other guest stars Britt Ekland, Irena Ferris, Robert Fuller and Judy Norton-Taylor.
"Isaac's Double Standard / One More Time / Chimpanzee Shines"
With other guest stars Pearl Bailey, Nanette Fabray, Kim Lankford, Allyn Ann McLerie and Tracey Reed.
"Zinging Valentine, The / The Very Temporary Secretary / Final Score" (1983)
With other guest stars John Amos, Fannie Flagg, Jayne Kennedy, Claudia Lonow and Donald Most.

White Castle TV commercial
Don is dressed in a cowboy suit eating a burger (with Al 'Grampa Munster' Lewis)

The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Aboard the Orient Express

Alabama Transit Systems TV commercial

Fantasy Island (1977-82) ABC/Spelling-Goldberg

The Fall Guy

Chief Auto Parts TV commercial
Selling hardware

Days Inn TV commercial
Selling hotel accomodation

Murder Can Hurt You (1980)
Don narrated this Live Action TV Special.

The Nude Bomb (1980)
Clive Donner directed feature film written by Arne Sultan, Bill Dana & Leonard Stern, starring Don & Sylvia (Emmanuelle) Kristel.

The Return of Maxwell Smart (1980)
Television version of ‘The Nude Bomb’ featuring some extra scenes cut from the original cinema release.

Jimmy the Kid (1982)
Feature Film where Don appears as Harry Walker

Two Top Bananas (1982 Colour 45mins) Director: Phil Osman
with Don, Don Rickles, Carol Wayne and Murray Langston

Curtains (1983)
Feature Film

Check It Out (1983-88)
Canadian TV series starring Don as a SuperMarket manager Howard Bannister
see Kat's Check It Out Webpage

Foul Ups, Bleeps and Blunders (1984-85)
Don appeared in a couple of episodes of this series with host Steve Lawrence and Don Rickles

Coors Light Beer (1985) TV Advertisement
30 second TV advertisement with Don in the Silver Bullet Bar

Back To the Beach (1987) Director: Lndall Hobbs
Homage to surf/guitar films of the 60's with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon and plenty of stars like Don (as the Harbor Master), Pee-wee Herman, Dick Dale and Bob Denver...WIPE-OUT!!

Golden Years of Television (1988)
Australian TV series that featured an interview with Don talking about Get Smart.

Get Smart Again! (1988) ABC, Director: Gary Nelson
Funny and skilled Leonard B. Stern written TV Movie revival of the classic series with many of the old stars and dedicated to the memory of ‘The Chief’ Edward Platt.

Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free (1989)
TV advertisement with Don ("Amatuers! Uh Huh")

Zipperface (1992)
Feature Film

E! News (1993)
Don was interviewed by E! at the launch of Joey Green's book 'The Get Smart Handbook' along with other past cast members including The Admiral and Agent 13.

Mobilink Cellular Service 1993
30 second TV advertisement

E! News (1993)
Don and wife arrive at the Television Academy '50 Years' TV special party

50 Years of Television HBO/Television Acadaemy (23rd April 1993 120mins)
Don and Barbara Feldon appeared with the red sports car

Empty Nest (8th March 1994)
Don played himself in Episode # 140 - "Charley's Millions"

Entertainment Tonight (1994)
Interview with Don and Barbara on the set of the Fox Get Smart series.

E! News (1994)

Get Smart Fox (1994)
Only seven episodes were aired of this controversial TV series that created many divisions between Get Smart fans. Starring Don and Barbara Feldon along with Andy Dick as Max and 99’s son Zach, it had the usual inane laugh track that for some reason producers think sounds good.

- Pilot (Aired 8th January 1995)
- Casino Evil
- Goodbye Ms. Chip
- Shooting Up the Charts
- Passenger 99
- Wurst Enemies
- Liver Let Die

Trivial Pursuit (1995)
More information needed
TV Advertisement with Don

Inspector Gadget Animated TV series where Don did the voice of Inspector Gadget. Also shown as Gadgetman in foreign release.

Gadget Boy Animated TV series where Don did the voice of Gadget Boy.

Where Are They Now? (1996) Seven Network Australia
Peter Luck interview with Don.

Petcetera Animal Planet Channel (1997)
Don introduces his cockerspaniel 'sweetie pie'.

Three Times Daily
More information needed

Canadian Long Distance (1997)
Phone company ad. "and loving it"

Pepper Ann Disney (1997)
Don did the voice of Principal Herbert Hickey in the animated series.

Nick Freno - Licensed Teacher
More information needed
Don's voice as a School principle was used in one episode

Max and Siegfried on set as photographed by Nellen

American Diabetics Society (1998)
Public Service Announcement
Don (Max again!) and Bernie (Sieggie) Koppel

Howard Stern Show (March 1999)
Don was interviewed briefly at a party for this infamous network radioshow.

Buck-A-Call AlternaCall, Inc. Ontario Canada (May 1999)
On the 4th of May Don launched the long distance telephone Buck-A-Call deal at Planet Hollywood, Toronto. Some parts of the launch were aired on ‘Pamella Wallin’ and the Comedy Channels ‘Open Mike’. A series of television commercials began to air in August 1999.

Inspector Gadget July 1999
Starring Mathew Broderick, Don recorded a brief voice-over cameo in the live action movie as 'Brain' the dog in the final credit roll

GTE General Telephone, TV Advertisement (August 1999)
Don does the voiceover in this animated TV ad for a Canadian based telephone paged service.

Get Smart - The Movie 2001
Info & News

Don Adams Television Special 1999
Don recently edited down hours of videotape for a life and times retrospective

The Troublemakers Currently in production August 2000
Written by Hank Bradford, Sam Denoff and Arnie Kogan, Starring Shelly Berman, Harvey Korman, Don Adams, Don Knotts and Howard Morris. The story involves a grumpy group of nursing home rejects from across the country who end up in a military hospital experiment.

TV Land Get Smart 2001
Don, Barbara Feldon and many other talents were interviewed for this TV Land special to be aired mid year. See TV Land

Would you believe a Get Smart Max doll? Countless TV and radio commercials exploit the Get Smart theme with poor imitations and cliches with little reguard for taste or class. Above an Australian public health print ad for quitting smoking (Anyone for a Camel?)


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