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Andy Dick


In May 2000, I saw Andy Dick perform live at The Mint in Los Angeles. His act includes a little comedy, a little storytelling, a little singing, and a lot of vomit. As part of the act, he discusses Get Smart and I thought I'd share his thoughts with you, whether you agree or not. Please remember that this is not an interview, but it's a relatively accurate re-telling of what Andy Dick said on stage.

A brief note about Andy Dick first. As some of you know, I have been one of his biggest detractors, mainly due to his terrible performance in Get Smart '95, especially when you realize that the show was designed as a "star vehicle" for him. I never understood that. However, after seeing his act, I definitely saw talent that I hadn't seen before. It was a very entertaining set and if you're in LA I suggest you check it out.

On the show:

How many of you know that I was in Get Smart? I was. They decided to revive the show. Don Adams and Barbara Feldon were back and I was Zach Smart, Max's son. Sounds like a great opportunity, doesn't it? Get Smart was a great show, right? A real great career builder, but it SUCKED!! All six (actually seven) episodes just completely sucked.

On the show's problems:

One of the many problems with the show was that Don Adams had a lot of trouble remembering his lines. He just couldn't get them out and it took forever to shoot scenes with him. I always tried to ignore it and treat him with respect though, because he's a really nice guy. I remember one scene where all he had to say was "picky, picky". It came time for his line and he looked at me and said "ticky, tacky". I completely lost it. "Ticky, tacky", what the hell does that mean? Things went downhill after that.

On Don Adams:

Don Adams is a great guy, very talented and very nice, he just couldn't remember his lines. Did you know he won more Emmys than anybody else at the time (Kelsey Grammer finally topped him in 1998)? Just a super guy with a lot of talent. Contents


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