Admiral Hargrade

Admiral Harold Harmon Hargrade was born in 1876. He started out by opening up his own espionage business, Harold Hargrade & Sons, Spies, but entered government service in 1909. He became the first Chief of CONTROL and eventually retired in 1946. During the "Dry-Up Emergency" of 1967, President Johnson temporarily reactivated the Admiral and placed him in charge of CONTROL to reassure the country.

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The Admiral's hobbies are chess and burying old friends. He also is a firm believer in exercise, walking two hours every day to his office, which is one block away from his house. His state of excellent health is brought about by prunes and frequent catnaps.

The Admiral also served as best man at the wedding of Max and 99, though that's mainly because the Chief orders Max to ask the Admiral. He also makes an excellent living room lamp.

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