Agent 44

Agent 44 had an unusual career on Get Smart. He appeared in six first season episodes (Victor French) and two in the fifth season (Al Molinaro).

44 was a good agent, however, he was consumed with self pity. Hiding in unusual places was his specialty, but it just seemed to wear on him greatly. He either was hidden so well that he missed the code book update (Back To The Old Drawing Board) or he was forced to room with 3,000 monkeys (Ship of Spies). Eventually, it would wear on him and despite his best efforts, 44 would end up crying, embarrassing everybody.

Agent 44's Hiding Places

Medicine Cabinet

Aboard the Orient Express

Grandfather Clock

Back to the Old
Drawing Board

Sailor's Duffelbag

Stakeout on
Blue Mist Mountain

Cello Case

Unfinished Symphony


Ship's Porthole
Cargo Hold with Monkeys - Unseen

Ship of Spies, Part I

Ship's Funnel

Ship of Spies, Part II

Baby Buggy


A Lit, Wood-Burning Stove

Ice Station Siegfried

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