The Get Smart Cast

I've listed the regular cast members (and stretched that definition a little) and written brief bios of both the actors and the characters. To view the character's bio, click on the character's name or number. For the actor's bio, click on the actor's name.

Maxwell Smart
Agent 86


Don Adams

Seasons: All


Agent 99
Barbara Feldon

Seasons: All


The Chief


Edward Platt

Seasons: All


Robert Karvelas

Seasons: All


Agent 13
Dave Ketchum

Seasons: 2 & 3


Ludwig von Siegfried
Conrad Siegfried


Bernie Kopell

Seasons: 2-5


(His father's name was Hymie!)


Dick Gautier

Seasons: 1-4


King Moody

Seasons: 2-5


Agent 44


Victor French

Season: 1

Al Molinaro

Season: 5


Admiral Harold Harmon Hargrade


William Schallert

Seasons: 2-4



Agent K-13

Seasons: 1 - 2




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