The Chief

Details on the Chief's life are classified top secret, so there's not much information out there. We do know that his real first name is Thaddeus and he usually goes by the cover name Harold Clark.

The Chief lives in a government-financed apartment and also gets a company car. We don't see much of his apartment, but we know that when at home relaxing, he likes to smoke a pipe. The Chief also loves sweets and expects a dessert with each meal. His favorite is chocolate mousse, or it was until he tried 99's!

One of the places he likes to go and relax is The Regency Club, where he also plays chess. Pool is another hobby of The Chief's and he's much better at it than Max. He's also an excellent singer and was in the glee club at college.

His health is not great, but it probably would be better if Max weren't around. After two weeks of working with Max, the Chief lost most of his hair. His frequent headaches are also caused by Max, and the ulcer probably is as well. One ailment that isn't caused by Max is acrophobia, which rarely surfaces.

The Chief & Mary Jack ArmstrongThere is a great deal of debate over his marital status. In the early seasons, his wife is mentioned several times. You can also see him wearing a wedding ring throughout the series. In the fourth and fifth seasons, however, several references are made to The Chief being single. Either he went through a divorce, or the writers just used whatever status would work best with a joke. We do know that he dated KAOS Agent Mary Jack Armstrong, but that was years before he became the Chief. He also has a sibling, as we meet his niece Phoebe, but no other family members are ever mentioned.

He begin his career as an agent in the 1930s, being assigned "Q" as a code name. Admiral Hargrade was his boss and mentor. He worked his way up to Chief of the Washington, D.C. branch of CONTROL, but he is not the top man in the organization.

Among his many skills are foreign languages, as he speaks Swahili, French, and the CONTROL Coughing Code. He also is an excellent shot.

His best friend is Agent 8, who is stationed at the Spy Retirement Home. After 8, the Chief's closest friends are Max and 99. In fact, he's really a father figure to both of them. One of his proudest moments is giving away 99 at her wedding. No other friends are ever mentioned, though he does ask Hymie to create a robot woman for him at one point. Contents


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