Get Smart Collectibles

Below is a listing of collectibles that I've seen, heard about, or own. If I give a price, it's the one I paid or what I've seen it sell for. I am not selling any of these items, I am just providing this page as a guide for collectors. This is a guide to collectibles of the original Get Smart, not the lame movie "remake." It's also important to note that digital scanners and easily accessible graphics software has led a lot of people to create some of their own GS posters, t-shirts, pictures, and other items. I only list official, authorized merchandise here. If you check eBay, you'll see a ton of "merchandise" that people have created on their own, including one Argentinian company that doesn't even use the proper logos, so be careful when you're buying stuff. The prices were most recently updated in May 2013. A big thank you goes to Jay Benjamin and Keith Mainwal, who provided valuable information for this page.   I've divided this page into four sections, Toys and Games, Record Albums, Autographs, and Dealers. Books and other print collectibles can be found on my Get Smart in Print Page.


Toys and Games

Item Details Price

KAOS Plaque

It's not really a toy or game but it sure is a cool collectible. Designed and sold by a GS fan, there are two sizes available, a 9" by 7" version (pictured) for $129, and a 6" by 4" version for $59. I have both of them and they're spectacular. It's the best version of the KAOS logo I've ever seen and both plaques are extremely well made.

Available on

A 9" by 7" version for $129

 and a 6" by 4" version for $59.

Sideshow Toys Figures

Sideshow Toys Figures

These very well done figures were produced in 2002 in a limited edition of 5,000 that quickly sold out. They came as a set, Max and the Chief. The figures were 12" high and Max came with a gun and shoe phone. Though sold out, you can get on the Wait List at Sideshow Toys website. A proposed 99 figure was never released.


The original price on these was $70 for the set of two. Generally, that's what they still go for as they pop up on eBay pretty regularly.

graphics/collect_car.gif (20243 bytes)

Max's Car Model

Produced by AMT in 1967, it came in a full-color box and produced a 2x6x2" model of Max's car.


I've seen these go for as high as $175, but they normally sell for around $80.

graphics/collect_puzzle.gif (22089 bytes)

Jigsaw Puzzles

Produced by Jaymar in 1966, there are four different puzzles. The puzzle came in a full-color box. The 100-piece puzzle produces a 17x32" color photo of Max holding a fire hydrant for Fang. Jay also let me know that there's also a larger version of each of the puzzles. In his words, : "The box is larger, and the pieces are slightly larger, so the completed puzzle makes a slightly larger puzzle. The box indicates there are about 100 pieces, the same number as in the boxes I've previously seen.


With all their pieces and in mint condition, these are worth around $70 apiece. Non-mint, but with all pieces intact, they go for around $25.

graphics/collect_penradio.gif (16243 bytes)

The Pen Radio

An AM radio receiver disguised as a fountain pen and produced in 1966 by Miner Industries. The pen has a earpiece also.   There are also three different boxes - the one shown, a flat box, and a pen outside the box with an instruction sheet that has a photo of Don Adams on it.


$40 for just the pen, $200 for the complete box.

graphics/collect_lunchbox.gif (14038 bytes)

Lunchbox and Thermos

Produced by King Seely in 1966, it features color images of Max, 99, and Fang.


$175 for the lunchbox. $85 for the thermos.


graphics/collect_wrapper.gif (11477 bytes)

graphics/collect_tcard.gif (29476 bytes)

Topps Trading Cards

Topps issued a set of 66 photo cards in 1966.  According to Jay, "there were also 16 "secret agent kits" with the 66 card series. The kits were disguise kits (i.e., fake mustache, etc.). One kit came in each pack of cards. These are very tough to find. I'd say the set of these 16 cards alone is worth $250-$275. 

graphics/collect_sakits.gif (34628 bytes)


The complete set usually sells for around $200, although I've seen them for sale for up to $450. Individual cards usually sell for $1 apiece. A sealed pack of cards is tough to find. This would be worth about $200. A wrapper might be worth about $150.






graphics/collect_cardbox.gif (12470 bytes)

Trading Cards Box

A display box for the Topps cards, which held the packs, "sells for $500+ (an outrageous price!) for just the empty box," according to Jay.



graphics/collect_classcard.gif (18200 bytes) TV's Coolest Classics Trading Cards (1999)

Inkworks produced a set of new trading cards from five different classic TV shows - The Andy Griffith Show, The Brady Bunch, Hogan's Heroes, The Beverly Hillbillies, and of course, Get Smart.  There are 17 Get Smart cards in the set. That number includes the two bonus cards, a Dream Girls card with Barbara Feldon and a Scratch-N-Sniff card of Max's shoe phone.


$10 for the set of 15 ordinary cards

$15 for all 17

graphics/collect_tbgame.gif (22755 bytes)

Exploding Time Bomb Game

Produced by Ideal in 1966, this board game has sold for as much as $100, but I've seen it on sale for under $50 also. It contains an exploding time bomb as part of the game. That is often broken or missing from the game and the prices given are for games with the bomb working.



Card Game

Mini-Card Quiz Game

Produced by Ideal, this is different from the Time Bomb game. The mini-board card game is the size of a typical card game, about 10" x 7" x 1-1/2". The gameboard is similar to a cribbage board.



graphics/collect_raygun.gif (12649 bytes)

The Signal Ray Gun

Made by Marx, this is an incredibly rare item. Pricing on this has ranged from $125 - $500, but I'd say $400 seems to be the average price. Claude W. let me know that the gun is actually just a re-tread of the 1956 Forbidden Planet ray gun.



graphics/collect_99kit.gif (22358 bytes)

99's Deluxe Spy Set

Made in 1966, this kit includes: Girls Pink Trigger Action Water Gun, Clutch Bag with Pop-Up Fitting for Gun, Two-Way Mirror in Frame, Handbag with Secret Rose Compartment for Microfilm or Messages, Film Strip, and ID Card in Holder, all in a cellophane package. I've seen this sell for $400 in mint condition. The purse is also sold separately (see below).



graphics/collect_purse.gif (35842 bytes)


99's Purse

As with the above, it was made in 1966 by Miner Industries. The purse is decorated with a rose, which contains a secret compartment, complete with microfilm. It also comes with a two-way mirror and an ID card holder.



graphics/collect_nbc.gif (20441 bytes) NBC Promo Poster

More info from Jay about this, "It's about 2' x 2' and is Jack Davis artwork of Max, 99, and a dog (it doesn't really look like Fang) surrounded by explosives." 



graphics/collect_bumper.gif (9625 bytes)

Bumper Sticker

Made in the 1960's, according to Jay, " this is worth about $25 in NM and unused condition." It was part of a campaign to get people to purchase and use seat belts (they used to be extras on some cars and trucks).



graphics/collect_tray.gif (29677 bytes)


The Tray Puzzle

There are three different tray puzzles - the one pictured, one of Max holding his pistol like a baseball bat, and one of Max lighting a dynamite fuse with his cigarette. They all measure 14" X 10 1/2" and were made in 1966 by Sallfield.



99's Lipstick Radio

An AM radio made by Miner Industries in 1966. $225 for an unopened package or $120 for just the radio. One went for $500 a few years ago, but I think that price is a little high.



99's Spy Camera

The Spy Camera

Disguised as a pack of cigarettes (back when you could advertise them), this is a really tough one to find. There were two made, one for girls and one for boys.

Mike T. was kind enough to provide this picture of 99's camera.



graphics/collect_watch.gif (22381 bytes) Nick at Nite's Get Smart Watch

Made in 1994, the watch cost $60 then. It comes in a box shaped like a briefcase. It also came with an exploding pen (caps not included!). There were 10,000 made and I don't know how many sold.



graphics/collect_fake99.jpg (12166 bytes)

Fake 99 Doll

Once thought to be an extremely rare collectible from Japan, Nate S. has the real scoop. In the 1970's, someone took a bunch of previously made dolls and marketed them as a set of TV character dolls. They were never authorized and, due to the quality, not many were sold. Somehow the "made in Japan" rumor got started, probably by the seller in order to sell more and justify their existence. Part of the set of dolls and their boxes are shown here. As an unauthorized collectible, it's value is not high.



graphics/collect_gutsmart.gif (13386 bytes)

Topps Crazy TV Cards

A test set issued by Topps in 1968, these cards made fun of popular television shows. The series never really took off, so there's only this one "Gut Smart" card. The back of the card is blank. This graphic comes courtesy of Jodi Goldfinger, who has had her card since 1968. One of these recently sold for $4.



The Get Smart Quiz Game

A 1966 production of Lisbeth Whiting, this is very rare. Keith Mainwal spotted this on sale for $300! In 2008 there was a mint condition one up for auction with eBay for a $150 reserve price and it twice failed to get that price, so I've got to lower my estimate of its value.



graphics/collect_sorrygame.gif (27443 bytes)

Sorry About That! Game

This was manufactured by Saalfield in 1966 and originally sold for 29 cents! It was a one-piece game and you punched out the playing pieces. The game was shrink wrapped and hung on pegs in stores. It's about 14 by 16 inches.



graphics/collect_wybgame.gif (30787 bytes)

Would You Believe? Game

This was manufactured by Saalfield in 1966 and is similar to the above game. It's also about 14 by 16 inches and was hung by a peg in stores. Players spin the spinner to help Max recover a payroll stolen by KAOS.


coll_paint.gif (35708 bytes)

Paint by Numbers

Released in 1965, this features Max, Fang, and a blonde 99! It's pretty rare to find this one without any paint on it.



graphics/collect_maxdoll.gif (27444 bytes)

Max and 99 Dolls

Manufactured by Exclusive Toy Products, these were available only at Toys R Us and released in the fall of 1998 for $9.95 apiece. They didn't sell well and after six months many were available in the bargain bin for $3.00. Max came with a shoe phone and 99 with a gun, but the likenesses aren't very good. They also can't stand on their own. Plus, I tried to set up a cross-promotion with the company for the dolls and they ignored me, so I'm glad that they didn't sell!



graphics/collect_sphone.gif (21287 bytes)

Nick at Nite's Shoephone

Made and sold in 1994, it's original price was $30. I've seen these go for between $50-$100. Please be careful when buying these, as there are people selling fakes. The true shoephone has the Nick at Nite logo inside the shoe. That is the only official shoephone that has ever been released.



graphics/collect_keychain.gif (21554 bytes)

Lunchbox Keychain

Manufactured by Basic Fun in 1998, these sold in stores for around $5. It's a miniature lunchbox that really opens and closes. It also has a tiny thermos and orange. The design of the lunchbox matches the original lunchbox from the 1960's. There is almost always one of these up for sale on eBay.



graphics/collect_talkingtv.gif (23511 bytes)

Talking Television Keychain

Basic Fun manufactured these, beginning in 1999 and some are still in stores. It's a tiny TV and when you press the button it plays the Get Smart theme. It was part of a set that included The Beverly Hillbillies, The Brady Bunch, and The Twilight Zone.



Baseball Caps

These were manufactured by CBS and sold via direct mail catalogs in the early 1990's. I believe that they were also sold in some stores, but I got mine through a catalog.

Thanks to Lisa F. for the hat picture!


Don Adams Bobblehead

This NECA product was introduced to the public around 2002 to a huge yawn. It stands about eight inches high and is made of resin. I'm not a fan of the likeness of Don Adams and I could never figure out why they gave him a hole in his sock.


TVLand Watch

TVLand celebrated the airing of Get Smart by selling this watch. It was sold over the air and on their website. Only 5,000 were made, but I don't believe it sold well.

Thanks to Lisa F. for the watch picture!



Record Albums

Item Details Price
graphics/collect_adamlp.gif (18871 bytes)


Don Adams- Don Adams
Signature Records SM 1010

A recording of Adams' stand-up routine, the album is pretty good.


graphics/collect_reporter.gif (18449 bytes)

Don Adams- The Roving Reporter
Crescendo Records

Patrick Giorgi gave me the info on this one, which is a reissue. My best guess is it was done around 1963.


graphics/collect_detlp.gif (15314 bytes)

Don Adams- The Detective
Roulette Records

More info from Patrick, this album has no date on it. I believe it was issued around the time of The Bill Dana Show, as Adams played Detective Byron Glick on that show and his character was quite popular.



graphics/collect_livelp.gif (14661 bytes)

Don Adams- Live - United Artists

According to Jay, "This is one of his comedy routines, I believe from the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas. There is a mono and a stereo version of this album. Maybe they're worth $15-$20 each. There is also a white label promo (for radio station airplay) single (45) with excerpts from the album. This may be worth $10-$15. I don't know if the 45 was released commercially or for just radio stations."



graphics/collect_whlp.gif (23010 bytes)

Get Smart Westinghouse Promo LP

This was produced around 1968, although I don't have an exact date on it. The cover art was done by the folks at Mad Magazine and the album was done to promote Westinghouse's Power Transformers (really). The album features Don in character (and other actors voicing 99 and the Chief) trying to track down a KAOS agent in Westinghouse. I'm guessing the album was used as a promo to people in the power industry, as it was distributed as part of a contest. This is amazingly rare, as I've only seen it once, and that's my copy! I'm estimating its value at $100 or greater in mint condition.



graphics/collect_ravencd.gif (15430 bytes)

Get Smart- Don Adams
Raven Records

This was first released by United Artists in 1966. It features a collection of humorous bits from the show wrapped around a skit of Don Adams in character as 86. It's good, but it's not quite as funny as you would think.
The album also had a Capitol Record Club issue, which was the same as the UA album, except for a reference to Capitol Records and a different catalog number. The UA album is worth $25, with the Capitol version selling for around $35.
Raven Records re-released the album in the 1980's and have just recently re-released it on CD, with the bonus tracks of Feldon's two songs (see below). It can be bought through the Web at It's accompanied by a well-written and interesting pamphlet. I would say that even if it didn't use material from my page in exchange for a plug for this site.



graphics/collect_9945.gif (9474 bytes)

99/Max- Barbara Feldon

The 45 has Barbara Feldon singing two songs. "99" was written by M. Grudeff and R. Jessel, arranged and conducted by Charlie Fox and released by RCA's Miracle Records. The flip side was "Max", written by J. Daniels and J. Rose, with Fox doing the arranging and conducting as well. Feldon sang "99" in her recent Broadway show and it is available on the Raven Records Get Smart CD that is shown above.

She's doing her caressing with a tiny Smith and Wesson
and that means that you've been messing with...99!




Dealers that I have found on the Web that have had Get Smart merchandise are:

eBay Auction Web is an auction site that has a television collectibles section. You have to register to buy or sell, but registration is free.

TV Toys


eBay Auction Web also usually has several autographed photos up for auction. is Dick's official website and he sells autographed photos as well. is Bernie's official website that also features autographed photos.


Books and Comics

The details are given on my Get Smart in Print Page.

Please note that I am not endorsing any of these companies, their prices, or their policies. I am just providing links to their pages. Contents


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