The Get Smart Gathering

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On November 7, 2003 the cast and crew of Get Smart, along with 70 hardcore fans, met for an evening of fun and nostalgia at Barsac Brasserie. The following pages are a brief record of an incredible night, when old friendships were renewed and new friendships were made. I was honored to serve as the host for the night and it was one of the greatest nights of my life. In addition to meeting the cast and crew, it was incredible to meet so many fellow fans, many of whom I had been e-mailing for years. To me, the overriding theme of the night was friendship and I was thrilled to make so many new ones.

The Gathering began at 5:30 with a cocktail reception for fans. However, it wasn't long before some familiar faces began to show up.

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Eddie Hice and Don Adams
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John Flinn and Reza Badiyi
Eddie was Don's stunt double and stand-in for the entire run of Get Smart. He also does a killer impression of Don. John Flinn was an camera operator on Get Smart and has been nominated for 7 Emmy Awards in his career as a cinematographer and director. More importantly, he played a prisoner in The Not-So-Great Escape. Reza directed three episodes and has had a distinguished career as a director, helming over 50 different TV series.
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Jay Sandrich and Barbara Feldon
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William Schallert and Don Adams
Sandrich won five Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Direction and produced the first year of Get Smart. Schallert brought along a picture of himself as the Admiral, just in case nobody recognized him. However, he was the first person Don saw as he entered. Don cracked up the room by shouting, "Admiral, can you give me a push?" as soon as he saw Schallert.
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Gary Nelson and Don Adams
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Bernie Kopell and Barbara Feldon
Nelson directed 22 episodes, as well as Get Smart Again. Bernie had a wonderful time at the Gathering, making it a point to tell me how much he enjoyed talking with the fans. He also can still do Siegfried's accent perfectly.

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After the cocktail reception, there was a photo session where fans got their picture taken with the cast and crew. Mine is at the top of the page and the one below features Ed Platt's family.

The Platt Family Gets Smart!

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