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Dick Gautier was born in Culver City, California on Oct. 30, 1937. A talented artist, comic, and writer, Gautier performed and wrote shows for the U.S. Navy for three years. After leaving the Navy, he performed comedy and eventually moved to New York. He was named to the original Broadway cast of Bye, Bye Birdie, getting a Tony nomination for his role as Conrad Birdie.

Gautier moved back to California and began an extremely successful career in television and movies. He won the part of Hymie in an open cast call, beating out King Moody, among others.

Since Get Smart, Gautier has written, produced, and acted in numerous productions, including the very much missed When Things Were Rotten. Like Don Adams, he has had a great deal of success performing voiceovers for animated series, including G.I. Joe and The Transformers. He also was a staple on several game shows, including Hollywood Squares and Password, as well as appearing in dramatic roles in a ton of shows, among them The Rockford Files, Murder, She Wrote, and The Love Boat.

He has also written and illustrated ten books, including, The Art of Caricature and the children's book A Child's Garden of Weirdness. He's also designed greeting cards, built doll houses, and has three children

According to his resume, "of all his accomplishments, he's proudest of the fact that he's never hosted his own talk show nor publicly bared his soul regarding drugs, liquor or surviving a dysfunctional family."

Dick Gautier passed away on January 13, 2017.

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The vast majority of the information in this biography was taken from Dick Gautier's resume, kindly provided by Mr. Gautier himself. Thanks a lot!

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