Buck Henry

Buck Henry is one of the most talented men in Hollywood, having garnered success as a writer, director, and actor. Get Smart was probably his first really big success, but it certainly wasn’t his last.

Henry was born December 9, 1930 in New York as Buck Henry Zuckerman. He began his acting career early, touring with Life With Father at sixteen. He moved on to the Army and then improvisational comedy in New York. Henry then worked as a writer for both The Steve Allen show and the Garry Moore show. From that, Henry became a writer and performer on That Was the Week That Was, a critical smash. That led to Dan Melnick offering him the job as co-creator of Get Smart.

After Get Smart, Henry produced Captain Nice, a superhero parody that flopped. His next move was to the movies, where The Graduate became an instant classic and one of the top grossing films of all-time (adjusted for inflation). Henry has had an incredibly successful movie career, with my favorite being To Die For. For a complete listing of his credits, check out his IMDB.com page.

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