Hymie was created by Dr. Ratton, a KAOS scientist in 1965. Ratton, who named Hymie after his father, designed him to be the perfect secret agent. Super strong, impervious to bullets and gas, Hymie is a lethal weapon for KAOS and manages to fulfill his first assignment, kidnapping Dr. Shotwire, Max, and 99.

Dr. Ratton orders Hymie to kill Max and 99 and when Hymie hesitates, Dr. Ratton calls him a "monster." This causes a short in Hymie's program and he instead frees Max and knocks out Dr. Ratton. Hymie explains that he decided to save Max and 99 because they treated him like a real person, not a monster.

At the end of that first episode, The Chief invites Hymie to join CONTROL. Hymie declines, wanting to join IBM to meet some nice machines. However, Hymie eventually gave in and joined CONTROL, becoming one of its most effective agents.

Physically, Hymie weighs 982 pounds. He has an IQ over 200, complete details on every missile system in the world, and the ability to analyze any substance merely by tasting it. Among his accessories are a TV camera, a built-in computer, a calculator bank, and a copy machine. He has a tendency to rust, so Hymie must oil his teeth twice a day and see a doctor monthly. His favorite cocktail is a mixture of oil and kerosene.

Hymie is incredibly naive and literal. If you tell Hymie to "hop to it," he actually will begin to hop. He also is constantly looking for the good side in people, never believing in cruelty or evil.

Max is Hymie's best friend, though he's very insecure about that. At one point he chastises Max for not inviting him to his club, saying "I know why, they don't allow my kind there." Max denies the charge and sets up a golf date with Hymie for the next weekend. It is his friendship with Max that turns Hymie from evil to good and stops him from running out when Groppo threatens.

Other than Max, Hymie has a few friends in the office. Rex the elevator, Trudy the noiseless typewriter, Sid the coffee machine, and Shirley the intercom all are his pals.

Romantically, Hymie at one point flirts with Phoebe, the Chief's niece, but that doesn't lead anywhere. He later falls in love with Octavia, a beautiful KAOS robot. Their romance is doomed, as he's AC and she's DC, so Octavia blows herself up. Hymie spends a great deal of time attempting to rebuild her, but he never gets it right.

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