Robert Karvelas

Robert Karvelas was a cousin and friend of Don Adams (Don Yarmy then). Karvelas was a Golden Gloves boxing champion in the Marines and an stockbroker after that. He was preparing to move back to New York from Los Angeles when Don Adams told him to stay in LA, he'd find some work for him in this new sitcom he was about to start.

LarabeeKarvelas began with bit parts, even playing a KAOS agent at one point. His first appearance in the show was in School Days, where he's disguised as an old lady. In fact, there are very few episodes in the first two seasons where he doesn't show up as an extra. From a bank guard, to a lab worker, to a jury member, Bob was the all purpose extra.

Larabee first appeared in Ship of Spies, at least by that name. His first real lines came in Cutback at CONTROL, when we also see him in his position outside the Chief's office. He started getting more and more lines and eventually became one of the most popular characters on the show. Larabee still holds the record as the only agent dumber than Maxwell Smart.

After Get Smart, Karvelas did some bit parts in other shows in the seventies. He also appeared in both Get Smart sequel movies.

Robert Karvelas passed away in 1992.

Television Roles:

Get Smart 1965-70
The Partners 1971

Movie Roles:

The Nude Bomb
Get Smart Again
Freaky Friday 1976*

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