Bernie Kopell

Bernie Kopell was born in 1933 in New York City. He moved to California to become an actor and had little success until he met and impressed Leonard Stern, which led to his role as Siegfried. Kopell made 14 appearances as Siegfried during the series. At the same time he appeared on Get Smart, Kopell had a role on That Girl.

After Get Smart and That Girl ended, Kopell made tons of guest spots on just about every comedy show on TV, especially distinguishing himself in The Odd Couple. He hit it big as Dr. Bricker on the Love Boat, which still is playing in syndication.

Kopell and Don Adams recently finished two Public Service Announcements for the American Diabetes Assocation. Kopell, who still acts in LA theatres, recently became the father of a baby boy, Adam.

Bernie Kopell has his own website and I strongly recommend a visit. It features a bio, a list of current appearances, and he offers autographed merchandise as well. Contents


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