Larabee was without a doubt the dimmest agent ever to work for CONTROL. Loyal and honest, there is virtually nothing that Larabee actually understands. Perhaps that's why he's working as the Chief's assistant, he's so dumb that he can't learn enough to be a useful double agent.

LarabeeLarabee began his career as a mop-up agent. He always showed up at the very end of a case and hauled the bad guys off to jail. Later, he became the Chief's assistant, but no one knows how he got the position.

Not a lot is known about Larabee's non-CONTROL life. He went to college and performed in the college's theatre department. Larabee also served in the army, being stationed just outside of Berlin.

Larabee is married, but not happily. His wife works nights as a babysitter and Larabee enjoys never seeing her. She also wrestles as Battling Biff Bannister, wearing a mask. When she drops off a present for the Smart's babies, she's mistaken for a deliveryman.

Larabee's agent number is never revealed. We do know that if Max is fired, Larabee replaces him as an active agent, which is the best job security Max could ever hope to have. Contents


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