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The Unclassified Get Smart Page is excellent and well worth many visits. Amanda has assembled a great collection of articles on the show and its cast and they're all worth reading. You'll never tire of visiting her site.

The World of Max has a nice collection of pics and information, plus the best background wallpaper I've ever seen! Pete's got sections on Max's cars, CONTROL HQ, bloopers, a thorough filmography, and a Charlie Watkins section that are absolutely fantastic.

Chris' The Partners Page is a fascinating look at Don's "other" series.

Jim Benson's TV Time Machine is a fantastic resource for fans of classic TV. He recently scored a coup with an interview with Mel Brooks where Mel discusses his TV shows, including Get Smart.
Jim also has an updated interview with Leonard Stern, where Stern discusses all things Smartian, including the box set.

Bernie Kopell's Official Site is just great. It's where to go if you want autographed pictures of our favorite KAOS agent.

I'm Dickens...He's Fenster Available on DVD!

     Leonard Stern's long-lost classic comedy, I'm Dickens...He's Fenster is now available on DVD. This laugh-out-loud comedy was created by Get Smart's Leonard Stern and was one of the favorite shows he's created. Anyone who enjoys Get Smart will love the comedy of I'm Dickens...He's Fenster. I've seen several episodes and I think it's one of the best shows I've ever seen. Time Magazine called it "the best new situation comedy" and they were right! Volume One, featuring 16 hysterical episodes, is available for $29.95. This release was produced by Stern's friend and TV historian Jim Benson and features a tribute to Leonard Stern, along with other great extras. In addition, you can receive an autograph from one of the show's stars. It's a great deal and I highly recommend this DVD to all Get Smart fans. Strike a blow for classic comedy and get this DVD.

     I receive no compensation for promoting this DVD, though I am friends with its producer and, of course, Leonard Stern.


HammerMan8699 is the YouTube page of Alan Spencer and is dedicated to the works of Marty Feldman, Alan Spencer, and Mel Brooks. This is some of the funniest stuff you'll ever watch and you HAVE to check out The Ghost Writer.

The Ed Platt Tribute Site is a great look at our friend The Chief. Jenna has done an outstanding job of looking at the many roles of this talented actor.

Sledge Hammer Online!

The official Sledge Hammer website is a fantastic look at Alan Spencer's classic comedy. Check out the show history to see the influence Get Smart had on this hilarious series.

Tom Silva's Get Smart Page has a fantastic collection of pictures and sounds.

Sergio's Pagina del Superagente 86 is a great page for Spanish-speaking fans of Get Smart, although all fans will be able to appreciate this well-made site. It's got some neat pictures from "Mr. Big", as well as the Spanish title page and a ton of information and pics. He's also got a great section on Fox's Get Smart revival. Details of Sergio's Spanish Get Smart Mailing List can also be found here.

Kristina's Get Smart Site has some episode transcriptions and pictures, but it hasn't been updated for over 15 years. Be prepared to be inundated with pop-up ads.

Agent 86 is a nice page with a collection of hilarious lines from Get Smart. Get ready for a ton of pop-up ads when you visit this site.

The Many Roles of Bernie Kopell is a fan's tribute to Bernie, one of the most versatile and talented actors around. A great listing of Bernies contributions, this does tend to have a lot of pop-up ads and it's been over three years since it's been updated.

Cinemarquee's Spies of the Silver Screen is an excellent collection of links to spy movie and television sites, as well of tons of information on the same subject.

AHIII'S TV WEB SHRINE is another television addict's Home Page that includes an excellent Monkees Vault, as well as a Tom and Jerry section and a great collection of TV links. Contents


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