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The Get Smart Mailing List has been around in one form or another since 1996. It's now powered by Yahoo Groups and averages 3 messages a day. If that's too many messages for you, there is a digest option available.

There are guidelines for the list that should be read before you join, but they're pretty simple.  Before sending a message to the list, please read The Get Smart FAQ. It has the answers to questions like "Where can I get DVDs of the series?" and "What kind of car does Max drive?"

Also, please listen to our welcome message, courtesy of Nancy Barr.

List members Carl, Lisa, and Aaron
and a bottle of ketchup

"Max, it's vital that you pay careful attention to the following instructions for joining The Get Smart Mailing List. It's a group of over 1,000 fans who love to discuss all facets of Get Smart via e-mail."

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Before you subscribe, please read and save a copy of the list guidelines, as well as note how to unsubscribe to the list. The instructions are just below.

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Do not send unsubscribe messages to the list address. Please follow the instructions below.

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All users are expected to follow the list rules or they will be removed from the list. I want to take this opportunity to thank David B., who created the first mailing list and for a few weeks was the only member other than me! None of this would be possible without his initial efforts.

List Archive

You can read all of the messages from the past year at the group home.

New Spanish-language Get Smart Mailing List!

Long-time list member Sergio has also created a Spanish Get Smart List. Get all the details here.

"Now, did you get all that?

Not all of it Chief.

What part didn't you get?

The part after 'pay careful attention'." Contents


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