The Listserv/Mailing List/Group

The Get Smart Mailing List has been around in one form or another since 1996.

As of December 1, 2019, the group has moved from Yahoo to
The group's new home can be found here.

The group will run on both Yahoo and until December 13, 2019. At that time, I will delete the Yahoo Group.

Everything about the group is free. The group has slowed down over the years and averages 10 messages a month. Basically, everything about Get Smart is allowed. It is an all ages group and appropriate langauge should always be used. The list is in English, though we do have a good amount of Spanish-language fans who also belong and messages in Spanish are fine. Instructions for joining, posting, and everything else can be found on the group's page.

Also, please listen to our welcome message, courtesy of Nancy Barr.

Long time group members Carl, Lisa, Aaron
and a bottle of ketchup

Long-time list member Sergio has also created a Spanish Get Smart List. Get all the details here.

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