By The Numbers


1 Person comes out of the sweatbox at Camp Gitchee- Goomee Noonie-Wa-Wa
2 possibilities Harry Hoo always finds
3 pulls on the lever to blow up the IRS
4 Prince Abu Ben Bubbie's end up in Max's apartment (thanks for the idea Aaron!)
5 Bullets it takes Max to kill Eric Krueger
6 Shots can be fired by a XK1307412802 Lugar
6 People go in to the sweatbox at Camp Gitchee-Goomee Noonie-Wa-Wa
7 Emmy Awards were won by Get Smart
8 Dollars an hour is the rental price for the sailboat used on Max's honeymoon
9 Agents Max asks to be best man at his wedding
10 Dollars buys three secret messages from Agent 44
12 Cups of coffee the stewardess makes Max drink
12 dollars is Dr. Fish's fee for a housecall
14 2 times 7 is fourteen stupid!
33 wives has Prince Abu Ben Bubbie
48 Number of hours Max wants to postpone his wedding
56 Different types of phones were used in the series
100 Dollars are in the dead KAOS courier's wallet
101 Dollars Harry Hoo says could have been in the courier's wallet
123 Main Street is CONTROL's address
138 Episodes were made
500 Dollars was raised for the Chief's ransom by the boys in counterfeiting.
600 Dollars total was raised for the Chief's ransom.

Character Appearances
in Get Smart

1 CIA Agent Quigley (Bill Dana)
2 Professor Carleton (Frank DeVol)
2 Hobson (Gordon Jump)
2 Agent 44(Al Molinaro)
3 Dr. Steele (Ellen Weston)
3 Windish (Robert Cornthwaite)
3 Admiral Hargrade
4 99's Mother
3 Hodgkins (Bryan O'Byrne)
6 Hymie
6 Agent 44 (Victor French)
7 Professor Parker (Milton Selzer)
8 Shtarker
8 Fang
10 The Cone of Silence
10 Professor Carlson (Stacey Keach, Sr.)
14 Agent 13
14 Siegfried
54 Larabee
130 The Chief
133 Agent 99*
137.5 Maxwell Smart

*Thanks to Jodi Goldfinger for the appearance count for 99 Contents


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