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Below is a listing of print collectibles that I've seen, heard about, or own. If I give a price, it's the one I paid or what I've seen it sell for. I am not selling any of these items, I am just providing this page as a guide for collectors. Any other type of collectible can be found on my collectibles page. Please note that this website is dedicated to the real Get Smart TV series so I will not be listing any collectibles associated with Warner Brothers' Get Smart movie.

Get Smart, the comic book
Dell Publishing June, 1966- September, 1967

Comic books based on television shows were quite popular in the 1960's and Dell was the leading publisher of TV comics. There were only eight issues published of the Get Smart comic. They had absolutely no relationship to the show in terms of content or continuity. Some of the artwork was done by Steve Ditko, who also drew Spiderman, driving up the price of the Get Smart Books. Number eight is an exact reprint of number one, just with a different price and issue number. The prices for the comic books varies with the condition and these books can usually be found in good- very good for half the near-mint values. Pictures of each comic, along with their near-mint value follows:

Comic #1
#1 - $90.00


Comic #2
#2 - $55.00


Comic #3
#3 - $50.00


Comic #4
#4 - $50.00


Comic #5
#5 - $50.00


Comic #6
$6 - $50.00


Comic #7
#7 - $50.00


Comic #8
#8 - $50.00


The best way to find the comic books is to check for comic book dealers and conventions in your area. High quality copies are rare and can often go for much higher than the Guide prices. I see these on sale a lot on eBay.

Get Smart Paperbacks
Tempo Books

There were nine books issues by Tempo Books from 1966-69. All of them were written by William Johnston.

Get Smart!
Get Smart!


Sorry, Chief
Sorry, Chief...


Get Smart Once Again
Get Smart
Once Again!


Perilous Pellets
Max Smart & the
Perilous Pellets


Missed It By That Much
Missed It
By That Much


And Loving It!
And Loving It!


Spy Who Went Out to the Cold
The Spy Who
Went Out to the Cold
Max Smart Loses Control
Max Smart
Ghastly Ghost Affair
Max Smart & the
Ghastly Ghost Affair

Some more book info from Jay Benjamin - "There's a really cool cardboard case that has Max's and 99's picture on it that held the first seven books. It originally sold as a set for $4.20. I guess the publisher put it out as a gift set after the seventh book came out and before the eighth book came out. I'd estimate the value of the empty case at about $100." The price on these books seems to keep dropping since the advent of eBay, so I wouldn't pay more than $2 for any of them.

The books can be found pretty easily online. features many sellers who offer the books and they're also on eBay a lot.

TV Guides

The following TV Guides feature Get Smart on the cover. The TV guide information was provided by Keith Mainwal. You can usually find these for around $20 apiece.

TV Guide October 2, 1965 - Don Adams and Barbara Feldon
March 5, 1966 - Andy Warhol’s cover of Barbara Feldon
August 27, 1966 - Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, and Fang
June 24, 1967 - Don Adams and Barbara Feldon in red hunting caps
April 20, 1968 - Barbara Feldon
November 9, 1968 - Barbara Feldon in 99’s wedding dress


Other Books

7 Book

7: The Magical, Amazing and Popular Number Seven (Paperback)
David M. Eastis
Aventine Press, 2009

Don Adams and Get Smart are featured in this book about seven, written by a huge Get Smart fan.

The number 7 has held special, sacred significance for thousands of years. Innumerable people consider 7 their favorite number. Enjoy more than 1777 references to 7 in pop culture, sports, religion, language, the world, art and commerce. There's a craze for the number 7. This collection brings the phenomenon to life. You'll find features about the relationships of 7 to Jesus, Mother Teresa, Elvis, Gandhi, Barack Obama, Oprah, Mickey Mantle and more.


Would You Believe...Another Book With The Same Title?

Would You Believe?
Don Adams and Bill Dana
Bantam Books

This paperback was written by Adams and Dana and is mainly a collection of trivia. I paid $3 for mine and I wouldn't value it at much more than $5. Underneath the trivia is usually a joke or funny comment. For example:

The United States Army contracted with a board game company to make a battle tactic game. The fee, $25,000 - to help soldiers understand what war is all about.
Pass Go and collect 200 bullets.


books_coloring.gif (26111 bytes)

The Get Smart Coloring Book
Saalfield, 1965

More info from Jay - "There are three different coloring books. All three have the same pages inside. Only the covers are different. Two covers have Max and Fang on the cover near a bush. Of these, one has a red background and is die cut on the right edge. The other is not die cut and has a yellow background. The third one shows Max and Fang tied up on two chairs." This is worth around $25 in mint condition.


Life and Times of Maxwell Smart

The Life and Times of Maxwell Smart
Donna McCrohan
St. Martin's Press, 1988

An excellent book with a well-written episode guide that’s almost as good as mine. This contains profiles of everyone associated with the series, some good pictures, and some excellent lists. I recommend this one highly, even though it was written before Get Smart Again. Amanda (of the Get Smart Mailing List) calls this book "the masters thesis on Get Smart." This book is now out of print. You can usually find one on eBay for somewhere between $10-$20.


The Get Smart Files

The Get Smart! Files
Ron Magid
Borgo Press, 1987, ISBN 0809581329

Patrick from Australia gave me the following information about the book, which is out of print: "It is a 56 page black and white book except for the cover which has a picture of Max with a rather pained expression on his face. It has various sections including Who Was Smart? (about the show, the good guys and bad guys, and the devices); the Best of Smart (the 22 classic episodes), a talk with "Hymie the Robot" and an interview with Don Adams. Contains some rare (at least to me they are) photos but the quality isn't that great." As with every other book, this one usually will turn up on eBay for around $10.


The Get Smart Handbook

The Get Smart Handbook
Joey Green
Collier Books, 1993

Similar to McCrohan’s book, but with an episode guide that lists the writers and guest stars. It does contain a trivia contest, interviews with all the stars, a list of almost every CONTROL and KAOS agent, and a password list. Dave Ketchum told me the book presented a good idea of the fun times they had on the show. I think it's far more detailed then McCrohan's book. It also seems to capture the fun of the show a little more. Plus, it was written late enough to cover Get Smart Again. If The Life and Times of Maxwell Smart is the masters thesis on the show then The Get Smart Handbook is the high school term paper. Unfortunately, there are also several errors and omissions that I have to spend way too much correcting. Thanks to Michael C. for providing the scan of this book. This book is now out of print.


TV Weddings

TV Weddings
Marisa Keller and Mike Mashon
TV Books, 1999

This book is an excellent look at weddings that have occured on television shows. Of course, there's an excellent write-up of Max and 99's wedding. The entire book is well-written and brings back some great memories, not just of Get Smart. It's available online at


Print_Britton.gif (21712 bytes)

Spy Television
Wesley Britton


The author of this book is a long-time Get Smart fan and so the book naturally has a chapter on Get Smart. Well-written and packed with interesting facts, Spy Television is something I highly recommend. It can be purchased at, but if you buy them from the author at he'll autograph them for you. For more details on the book, check out the author's fascinating website.



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