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In the early days of this website, I used to have a trivia quiz but somehow it got lost in the update and my unwillingness to learn advanced programming to get a really good quiz. Then came Sporcle, the online trivia site that allows you to create your own quizzes. After seeing errors in the Get Smart quizzes on the site, I decided to create my own. Here are the quizzes I've created so far. If you have an idea for a quiz or create one of your own, let me know and I'll post a link to it here. You don't have to register to play quizzes on Sporcle, but you do have to register to leave a comment or create your own quiz. It is free.

The Old Clickable Get Smart Triva Quiz Trick
Can you fill in the blank to complete "the old _____ in the ________ trick?"

Name The CONTROL Agent Who......?
Can you identify the CONTROL Agent from the hint given?

Name the KAOS Agent Who....?
Can you name the KAOS Agent from his nefarious plot?

Complete the Get Smart Quote
Can you finish the quote from Get Smart given the previous line?


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