Siegfried, Vice President of Public Relations and Terrorism for KAOS, was the foe faced most often by Max. Even with 14 appearances, we still don't know much about him. His very name is even in question, as sometimes he's Ludwig Von Siegfried and sometimes Konrad Siegfried.

Raised in Florida, Siegfried is still bitter that his mother wouldn't buy him a sled. He grew up with a sister, who eventually became the head of the KAOS Ladies Auxiliary. His ruthlessness really showed itself however, when he turned her in to CONTROL in order to satisfy one of his plots.

When we first meet Siegfried, he's married. However, we never see her or hear about her again, so she might have just been a cover.

Siegfried operated alone at first, but eventually was joined by his aide, Shtarker. He was high enough up to rate a private secretary at one point, but eventually was left with just Shtarker. The two of them were old comrades, having served together in World War II. In fact, Siegfried was the first man out of El Alamein.

After the war, Siegfried returned to his glorious Fatherland, South America, specifically Argentina. He eventually joined KAOS, becoming one of their top agents. His best year was 1966, when he killed 37 people.

Siegfried is cunning, murderous, ruthless, and a stickler for details. He doesn't like people who act silly, telling them that "ve don't do that here!" He does have a large ego, as one silly act that is allowed is applauding his genius. Above all, he absolutely hates sissies. Contents


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