Zis Is KAOS!

Und Ve Are Hiring!


Sissies Need Not Apply!

KAOS, the international organization of evil, is currently hiring for the following positions

U-boat Crews (all categories)
     *Must love to dance!
Robot R&D
    *Our previous designer met with an an accident.
Magnetic Weapons Research
     *Knowledge of islands a plus!
Assassination and Espionage
     *Preference given to former quiz masters, disc jockeys, used car salesman, TV repairmen,
      and politicians.
Stereophonic gun development...

You must be willing to relocate to our glorious fatherland, South America.

Excellent Benefits!

Double indemnity for getting shot above the waist!

25% Suffering Bonus if you don't die immediately!

6 weeks convalescent leave if you survive your wounds!

Free funerals if you don't!!


KAOS is a Delaware Corporation and an equal opportunity employer.

You'll be joining an excellent bunch of guys!


The idea for this page and some of its contents was generously given to me by Michael Peiluck.

Thanks to Simon McKenzie for the excellent KAOS logo.

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