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The website is run by me, Carl Birkmeyer, a lifelong Get Smart fan. The purpose of this site is to be the definitive source on Get Smart. The original Get Smart, that is, not anything that doesn't have Leonard Stern's guiding hand behind it. What started as a fun project to kill time in an HTML class has mushroomed into a great hobby and a site that has recorded over 12 million visitors. Though sometimes it doesn't feel like it, this is not my full-time job and I do not receive any money for its operation. I get my money from my career as a certified hypnotist, serving South Central Pennsylvania. I do travel for my career, so if you need a hypnotist or Get Smart speaker, feel free to get in touch!

If you have any questions or comments about this page, feel free to e-mail Carl, as long as you've read the FAQ FIRST. I will NOT respond to your e-mail if it asks a question that is answered in the FAQ. Please DO NOT e-mail me any attachments, pictures, sounds or whatever as I will just delete your e-mail. It would also be helpful if you put Get Smart somewhere in your subject, otherwise you risk your e-mail being considered spam and deleted automatically. I enjoy hearing from all Get Smart fans, unless you're e-mailing to complain about the spelling of "Noonie" in "Camp Gitchee Goomee Noonie Wah-Wah."

About the Website

WouldYouBelieve.com was started in 1995 as a personal homepage. At the time, one other Get Smart website was in existence, but it was a student project that disappeared a year or so later, leaving WouldYouBelieve.com as the oldest Get Smart website. Carl with the Get Smart Cast and CrewThough I have been fortunate enough to talk to most of the cast and crew at one time or another, this site has no official connection with the show or any cast or crew member, even though just about every one of them has endorsed me and this site. After receiving a tremendously positive response to the site, I decided to expand it and so I purchased a domain name in 1998 and WouldYouBelieve.com was born. The website is completely a labor of love and I am not authorized by or paid by anyone affiliated with the show. In 2003, I had the great fortune to host The Get Smart Gathering, a reunion of the cast and crew. That non-profit night was the first night that many of the cast and crew had seen each other since the series ended and I'm proud that this website was responsible for such a wonderful event.

So many people who contributed to this page in so many ways that it's impossible to thank them all. I would like to mention here Jay, Rick, Keith, Jodi, Dale, Ishaan, Gina, Alan, Nate, Lisa and Sue for special thanks.

In its years of operation, the site has been fortunate enough to win many web awards. In fact, my site has lasted longer than most of the sites bestowing awards! Some of the awards:

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Consultant - Time/Life DVD Production of Get Smart, Inside TVLand: Get Smart, Biography: Don Adams, Inkworks Get Smart Collector Cards, and though the contact must be anonymous, below-the-line staff on the Get Smart movie.

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